List of Sonic the Hedgehog consumables

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Images Product Date Price Company Description Game
Joypolis Sweet Chocolate Cake JP.jpgJoypolis Sweet Chocolate Cake JP 2.jpg Chocolate cake 2011[1] ¥700 "Sweet Chocolate Cake: Chocolat Dou Nama Chocolat" (ショコラ ドウ 生ショコラ), contains 15 pre-cut cubes of cocoa-coated dense chocolate cake and a mini dessert fork. Sold in Joypolis.
Sonic Ningyou Yaki.jpg Sponge cake "Ningyou Yaki" (人形焼), or "baked doll".
Sonic Aqua V JP can.jpgSegaSonic Power Vita-11 JP can.jpg Soft drink Asahi "Aqua V" (アクア V) and "Power Vita-11" sports drinks sold by Asahi.
SonicJam JP Jam.jpgSonicJam JP Jam Sonic.jpgSonicJam JP Jam Tails.jpgSonicJam JP Jam Knuckles.jpg Fruit preserve Blueberry jam, orange marmalade and strawberry jam.[2] Sonic Jam

United Kingdom

Images Product Date Price Company Description Game
CVG UK 145.pdfBensons UK crisp packets.jpg Crisps 1993 £0.15 Bensons Sonic-shaped crisps sold by Bensons. They cost 15p a packet and come in three flavours: cheese, spicy tomato, and salt and vinegar.


Images Product Date Price Company Description Game
Heinz AU pasta shapes can.jpgHeinz AU pasta shapes can back.jpg Pasta Heinz Canned pasta shapes in tomato sauce and cheese. Shapes include Sonic, Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik and a ring.