Jun Senoue interview by LOst (June 2002)

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This is an interview conducted by LOst, with Jun Senoue, a part of the sound team at SEGA. The interview was conducted by e-mail and has been reformatted for better readibility.

The Interview

LOst: Did you make any music for Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles? If so which one?

Jun Senoue: Sonic 3 was my 2nd project at Sega in 1993. I was busy with F1 Heavenly Symphony at that time, and I did only 2 or 3 songs for Sonic 3. Actually, the songs for bonus stage are mine.

LOst: I'm a big fan of the "development" of the Sonic games for Genesis/Mega Drive. Not just a crazy Sonic fan.

I have contacted Yuji Naka on his private e-mail (I'm the only one who knows it), but he can't give out anything, even old things (Then I talking about information on the development of the game, like who made what). He didn't even reply to my mail. He just sent it to someone at Sega of Japan, or something.

I have also contacted Milpo (Know him?). He worked at SEGA Sound Team and I think he works at Wave-Master too. He's Japanese, so he can't understand much of what I'm asking. He is in the Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 credits.

Jun Senoue: I know Milpo, but he has left SEGA already... I don't know what he's doing right now.

LOst: Did you do the music for Sonic 3D for Genesis? I love the Green Grove "Act 1" music. The bass is fantastic! I haven't played the Saturn version so I don't know if it's the same music.

Jun Senoue: Yes, I did music for SONIC 3D Blast for MD. Saturn version has different music on the CD. Actually, the guy in UK was the person in charge for Saturn version. He also was the songwriter for SONIC R too.

LOst: The original midis of the music, do you have them? Can you send them?

Jun Senoue: I have MIDI files for some of them, but I can't give them to anybody without contract between SEGA and xxx I hope you can understand.

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