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Jerome Wise
Series: Sonic X

Jerome Wise is a character from the anime series Sonic X, he was the President's aide.

He once called in the military out of fear that the President would be kicked out of office and that he would lose his job. In Episode 14, he calls the military to bring Sonic to the White House for a party (who refuses because of a planned outing with Chris Thorndyke's friend, Helen), and goes as far as to get the reporters purposely drunk (in the english dub this is toned down) so they'll stay. In Episode 21, he initially decides to call the military in (since Sonic refuses to race against Chris's uncle, Sam Speed), but decides against it and secretly calls Dr. Eggman and asks for his help. In the end, Jerome is exposed for making the deal, and is fired. Occasionally, one will see him as a homeless man in later episodes, even entering the Chaos Emerald tournament in the Sonic Battle adaptation as the Black Knight.

He also appears in the Sonic X comic series as a member of the organization S.O.N.I.C.X.

He was voiced by David Wills in the English dub of the anime.


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