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Japon Previews - Sonic Adventure is a preview of the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure in French magazine Consoles+.

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Translate by enni: On top:It was on August 22 that the official presentation of the first Sega game for the Dreamcast took place, the aptly named Sonic Adventure.

This time, that's it. Sega launched into the distribution of slaps The skeptics, the curmudgeons, the fans, in short everyone were on the floor after only three minutes of a video presentation of Sonic Adventure. Everyone having found their seat, the Sonic Team could make their entrance. Naka in the lead, proud of the shock wave he had just unleashed. The real-time demo could begin. Sonic, who hasn't been doing too well lately, was finding some color. Actually,it was like the first time, during a CES, we had discovered Sonic on Megadrive. We feel that there is dynamite in there!

"Well damn... gosh..."

First real Sonic since: Sonic 3D according to Sonic Team (we forget the titles developed in the United States and during the Saturn period), the game is in free 3D. The degree of freedom dependsof the character, Sonic is thus limited to solid ground, whereas Tails can fly everywhere. The levels are three in number and larger than in Mario 64 which served as a model. They are also more complex: if you dive from the top of a mountain, you cross a layer cloudy to discover a jungle and Inca ruins below. Continuing, we pass through the foliage of the trees to find ourselves in the jungle and, at the bend of a rock, we can discover an underground Unheard of! Note that the background of the screen is sometimes composed of a high quality photo 20 (exterior scenes) which scrolls in all directions. There are also a lot of little games to vary the pleasures, such as the shoot part which opposes the holder Eggman's flying-fortress planes to Tails' biplane that transforms into a super jet. On image:The circuits are reminiscent of those of F-Zoro X.

"SH4+ PowerURZ Big Bang"

Once again (but it will soon be the norm), the Dreamcast offers technically and visually something never before seen. The graphics are ultra-fine and colorful.

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Life (Artificial-Life) refers to creatures that evolve independently of the player, and who will assist you. They go by the name "Chao" in the world of Sonic. They can also be registered on the VMS, like Tamagochi.

Note:I translate only Chao so another it's not interesting.

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From the sketch to the final 3D, the graphic designers have taken care of their job!

"Sonic in London"

On top:On the 13th of last night, we had the chance to be combined with the first presentation of Sonic on the Dreamcast. The event took place at the London headquarters of Sego Europe, a few days after the Japanese and American presentations. Priority to Europe so you believe it co?

Due to the presence at London of Mr. Naka, the leader of the Sonic Team, that we were able to discover Sonic (and the Dreamcast at the same time) before the rest of the world. We must admit that we were really impressed by the realization of this new Sonic and, by extension, by the formidable capacities of the Dreamcast. As a prelude to this presentation, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Naka. The latter told us that he had created the first Sonic in Japan, and then he left to lead the Sonic Team in the United States, where the following three episodes of this saga were developed. Later, he returned to Japan to continue the series. He also led the development of Nights before returning to Sonic for the development of Sonic R on Saturn, which allowed him to explore 30 possibilities transposed into the Sonic universe.

Mr. Naka led a team of 20 during the first 10 months of Sonic Dreamcast development. Currently, no less than 60 people are working on this game which Team will be released at the same time as the Dreamcast in Japan. With this new episode, Mr. Naka wanted to expand Sonic's universe even more and give him a more aggressive personality. But Sonic's main characteristic is his speed, and this game is indisputably the fastest to date, regardless of the medium. It's really a great job, and we probably haven't finished hearing about Mr. Naka and his Sonic Team.