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Sonic X episode #2
"Sonic to the Rescue"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiichiro Furuya
Production no.: 002
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
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Sonic to the Rescue, known in Japan as Sennyuu! Area 99 (潜入! エリア99), is the second episode in the first season of Sonic X. In one scene of the Japanese version, Sonic says "shit" in English. This line was ad-libbed by Jun'ichi Kanemaru, who was unaware that it was considered to be strong language overseas.[1]

Mr. Tanaka makes his debut in this episode. Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke are heard on a telephone, but are not yet seen.

Episode summary

Following his fall into a swimming pool, Sonic is staying at Chris Thorndyke's parents' mansion. Chris is on the phone to his mother, who has been away working, and tells her he rescued a drowning "cat" from the pool, much to Sonic's chagrin. Chris attempts to give Sonic some cat food to eat, explaining that it should also be suitable for hedgehogs. Sonic is disgusted, and leaves to find some gourmet food.

Later, Chris and Sonic are watching a TV news report about last night's chase, the consensus being that Sonic is some sort of machine. Chris' grandfather Chuck enters the room, and when he notices Sonic, tries to dismantle him with a screwdriver. Chris explains that Sonic is, in fact, not a machine. They are interrupted by the appearance of Cream and Cheese on the TV. Chuck finds out through a contact that Cream and Cheese have been transferred to Area 99, a military laboratory in the desert. The three head off on a rescue mission.

Cream and Cheese are held captive.

In Area 99, Cream and Cheese are imprisoned in a glass chamber, and are subjected to various scans. Sonic jumps over a fence and enters the lab through an air vent. He is easily able to avoid the security cameras by quickly moving between blind spots, though he wonders how he'd be able to get back out with Cream and Cheese in tow. Unexpectedly, the lights and cameras go off due to a power failure. Sonic uses the opportunity to break Cream and Cheese out.

Maintenance workers discover the cause of the power failure: tiny paper airplanes coated with minuscule circuitry. They are quickly able to restore the power, just as Sonic is leading Cream down a security camera-filled corridor. The cameras are equipped with lasers, which begin firing. Sonic grabs one of the cameras and uses it to destroy all the others. More paper airplanes appear which destroy the laser cameras in the next corridor.

The cameras begin to malfunction, shooting randomly, slicing through walls and causing explosions. Sonic breaks through the roof with Cream and Cheese, landing on the wing of the Tornado. It turns out Tails was responsible for the paper planes.

Back at the Thorndyke mansion, Tails and Cream introduce themselves to Chris and his grandfather. Chuck quizzes Tails about his advanced technology and Chris berates Sonic about the possible consequences of damaging a military base. The group discuss how they came to be in this world, and Sonic posits that Knuckles and Amy must also have arrived here, as well as Dr. Eggman.

Indeed, Eggman has arrived in Chris' world, along with a large part of his base. He resolves to build an empire on this world, before expanding to other worlds.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese O Sonic Vai Salvar Sonic's Gonna Save

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