Heroes Layout Editor

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Heroes Layout Editor
Category: Level editor
Supported Games: Sonic Heroes
Credits: igorseabra4

Heroes Layout Editor is an utility to edit object layouts in Sonic Heroes. The editor has been incorporated into Heroes Power Plant and its standalone version is no longer updated.

Version History

  • Release 2
    • First public release
  • Release 3
    • Minor code changes
    • Fixes issue with misc. float box #7
  • Release 4
    • Fixes a stupid typo in code which saved Z rotation incorrectly
  • Release 5
    • Reworked object and list picker - now displayes available objects
    • Reworked misc. setting editor - now displays properties for each object (not all of them)
    • Fixed bug in game stuff box which made it not work if you restarted the game
    • Otherinor code changes


Since Heroes Layout Editor it no longer updated, you should use Heroes Power Plant instead. However, Heroes Layout Editor's source code is available here.


  • Get Position and Get Rotation only work properly if leader is Speed formation.