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Heavy and Bomb
First seen: Chaotix (1995)
Species: Eggman Robot
Gender: N/A (both referred to as male)

Heavy and Bomb are two robots who first appeared in Chaotix, described in the US manual as "Robotnik's Mechanix".Media:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[1]


Heavy is a clunky, silver robot who was Dr. Robotnik’s chief mechanic. He’s just as his name says: heavy, and slow; however, he's completely invincible. Bomb on the other hand is a small red bomb robot. He’s not very strong or quick, and he blows himself up when things start looking bleak (that is, every time he takes damage), but regenerates after blowing up. The two robots claimed to have escaped from the clutches of the evil Dr. Robotnik, and are simply trying to help Knuckles and his friends. However no one knows if they speak the truth or if they are simply planted by Robotnik to slow them down.Media:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[1] After Robotnik’s defeat at Newtrogic High Zone, the duo disappeared and have not been seen since.

Interestingly, if the player is tethered to Bomb or Heavy and has enough Rings to enter the Special Stage or Bonus Stage, they can throw Bomb/Heavy into the Giant Ring and play as them. However, there is no other way for Player 1 to play as Bomb/Heavy in regular levels without the second player's controller. The exception is if they hit a Swap Monitor or activate the level select/debug code from the Color Test menu.

In other media

Heavy and Bomb also made appearances in the Archie Comics, serving in King Acorn's Secret Service under Geoffrey St. John. However, on one mission, the two were reprogrammed to assassinate the Acorn family, and were destroyed by the defending Sonic and co. Later, rebuilt versions of the two were sent to assassinate Mina Mongoose. However, they were also thwarted, and presumed destroyed (although they are never seen being destroyed. The new Heavy was last seen sinking in a lake.)



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