Heads or Tails

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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) episode #1
"Heads or Tails"
Written by:
Directed by: John Grusd
Production no.: 01 (Pilot)
Original airdate:
Country: United States

Heads or Tails is the pilot episode of Sonic the Hedgehog. The episode introduces the planet Mobius, Knothole Village and the several key Freedom Fighters of the series—Sonic, Tails, Rotor Walrus, Bunnie Rabbot, Princess Sally Acorn and Antoine D'Coolette. In this pilot episode, the design for Princess Sally is different — with a shorter ponytail hairstyle, lesser female frame, girlish pitched vocal, and colors used are slightly different, which is similar to one of her earlier prototypes (based on that of Scott Shaw's).

Despite being the pilot episode, Heads or Tails aired at the end of season 1.


Dr. Robotnik, having returned from a trip back to Robotropolis, consults with Snively on how to rid Mobius of Sonic. A plan is hatched, where Tails would be kidnapped, forcing Sonic into Robotnik's lair. When Tails is alone, a Buzz Bomber is sent to harass him, but Sonic and Rotor end the confrontation, foiling Robotnik's plan.

The three return to Knothole Village after the incident to find Sally, Bunnie and Antoine working on a catapult defense system for the area, but due to the catapults using wooden cotter pins, are failing. Sally, accusing Sonic of not working to help the project, asks him to retrieve six metal cotter pins to use. Stowing Tails and a Power Ring in his backpack, Sonic heads off to Robotropolis.

After finding some cotter pins in a pile of scrap metal, Sonic encounters Muttski, his pet dog, who has been roboticized. Though the dog momentarily recognizes Sonic and is friendly, he quickly becomes hostile again, forcing Sonic and Tails to flee. After encountering some SWATbots, the two hide in an air shaft above Robotnik's main control room.

During this, Robotnik gives a speech to more SWATbots about a new plan: by using a new herbicide created for the Buzz Bombers, the forest will be sprayed to reveal the location of Knothole Village. With this, Robotnik will be able to capture Princess Sally. Sonic and Tails fall out of the air duct, and use the Power Ring to escape from the city.

After informing the citizens of Knothole Village of the impending plan, the catapults (with the new cotter pins) are mobilized to defend the area. However, the attack range of the catapults are relatively small, so Sonic volunteers to lure the Buzz Bombers into the area. When they enter the right area, they are assaulted with water balloons, frying their systems and saving Knothole.


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