Hammer Down

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Hammer Down
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
User: Vector the Crocodile
Type: Attack

The Hammer DownMedia:SonicHeroes GC US manual.pdf[1] is one of Vector the Crocodile's attacks in Sonic Heroes.


While jumping in Power Formation, pressing the B (GC)/Square (PS2)/X (Xbox) button while Espio and Charmy are not in Vector's mouth will make Vector put his hands together and come crashing down with his entire body weight, allowing him to full-on body slam enemies. Upon impacting the ground, Vector will create a damaging explosion and bounce back up in the air, allowing the attack to be used consecutively. Getting hit or using Bubblegum Descent will cancel the attack.

The Body Press can also be used to smash glass floors and stacks of containers, or break ducts. The attack is also particularly useful in the Egg Hawk boss - if done correctly, Vector can perform an infinite amount of Hammer Downs on Dr. Eggman's machine, making it exceptionally easy on the player. If the player switches to Speed Formation during the attack, Espio will get a quick burst of speed when Vector lands.

The counterpart to Hammer Down is Big the Cat's Body Press. Knuckles and Omega do not have any variant of this move.


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