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Hidden area of Hidden Palace Zone

SnK HPZ SecretAreaRight.png

When using edit mode in Hidden Palace Zone, an area above and to the left of Sonic's fight with Knuckles contains a selection of monitors; six on the left, and three on the right.

It has been suggested that these could have been placed here so that clean screenshots could be taken for the Japanese manual. The manual clearly shows Sonic bubble bouncing in Hidden Palace, despite no Water Shields being available through normal playMedia:S&K MD JP manual.pdf[1]Media:S&K MD JP manual.pdf[2].

Bow to Knuckles

SonicandKnuckles MD SSZBow.png

After Knuckles has let you across in Sky Sanctuary Zone, if you stand in a certain spot and bow (duck), as is customary in Japan, Knuckles turns around and gives a "get going" gesture.

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Unused content


Artwork Name Description
Super Sonic slot machine panel Sprite for Pinball bonus stage. Never used in game.
F-ball An unused gumball found in the rolling jump bonus stage. Can be placed with debug mode, though it does nothing.
S-ball A flashing gumball which also does nothing. This was likely give the player their Super transformation if they collected the Emeralds.
Platform An unused platform found in the rolling jump bonus stage which can be stood on. Can be placed with debug mode.
Palm Tree Unseen palm tree graphics. Although these tiles are used in both Sonic 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles in the introduction to Angel Island, they are hidden behind leaf sprites. This is how it looks with the sprites layer disabled:
Death Egg Holograph Projector Some machine that displays a holograph of the Death Egg. It can be found by hex editing a savestate of Death Egg, act 2. At address A500 replace 01 with E5 and the most northwestern piece will change to this. Thanks to Gold for finding this.


Tails in S&K.png

Tails is playable in the game through hacking. Unfortunately, most of his sprites are missing. A savestate (info) (50 kB) of Tails in Sonic & Knuckles is available. If the PAR code FFFF09:02 is used in Sonic & Knuckles, Tails will be usable, but just about every sprite of his, except the transformation sprite, will be missing, basically rendering him invisible (unlike when a savestate is used; a different, glitchy sprite is used in place of Tails's original one). However, his sprites used at the end of Sky Sanctuary Zone to run around the collapsing pillar are actually stored in the Sonic & Knuckles' ROM and therefore are visible. The same sprites are used also in the same context in Lava Reef Zone.

Hidden Area in Hidden Palace Zone

Hidden Palace Zone has a place that is only accessible using debug mode or using Tails in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Before entering the inside of the Hidden Palace fly from the two steps left until reaching a ledge. Go left to find 6 monitors. If you go right and jump off the ledge you can find 3 more monitors.

8th Emerald


If Sound Test is enabled, and any of the Special Stage options is selected, Sonic or Knuckles is taken to the 1st Special Stage. The end of it however, spawns a Super Emerald. This is when the special stage is marked as clear, but the normal Chaos Emerald amount doesn't rise. The Super Emerald amount will rise, but it has pretty much no effect due to Super Emeralds being unobtainable. This bug WILL allow for the 8th Emerald to be collected once the other six have, though.


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