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Sonic Mania Adventures episode #6
"From: A. Rose"
Written by:
Directed by: Tyson Hesse
Country: Worldwide
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2018-12-20 FREE ?
Metal Mayhem

"From: A. Rose" is the sixth episode of the Sonic Mania Adventures web series, first airing on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel on December 20, 2018 as a holiday special that follows the series' conclusion.


Metal Sonic and Eggman crash into the jungle after being defeated. Broken, abandoned, and alone as seasons pass and the skies turn cold, a surprise appearance may change Metal Sonic's fate forever. [1]

Episode summary

Amy looking at Metal Sonic after hitting him.

Taking place right after Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic's defeat at the end of "Metal Mayhem", the two villains land on top of a Flicky somewhere in Angel Island's jungle. After throwing a tantrum, Eggman gets up and tries to kick Metal Sonic to get him up, but to no avail. This makes the doctor give up about him and leave him behind in the jungle.

The seasons pass, and snow soon falls on Angel Island, burying the metallic doppelgänger. As he lies in the snow, Amy Rose emerges from the nearby bushes and trips over him as she was wiping off some of the snow that had fallen on her head. When she looks behind her to see what she tripped over, Metal Sonic turns his head, scaring the pink hedgehog, only to sink his head back in the snow. Amy then hears something creaking, and sees that a palm tree is about to collapse onto Metal Sonic, so she dives in and saves him from being crushed. Seeing Metal Sonic in full after saving him, Amy panics and repeatedly whacks him with her Piko Piko Hammer, but slows down when she sees that he isn't fighting back. Concerned, she picks him up and tries to make him stand, releasing the Flicky that had been trapped inside his chest for months. The dazed bird kicks Metal in head and flies off, causing him to fall down again. The pink hedgehog begins to pity the robot, and decides to pull him by the leg back to Eggman's base.

After braving the wintry conditions in familiar locales such as Mushroom Hill Zone and IceCap Zone, Amy soon makes it to Eggman's base with Metal Sonic in tow. She makes the robot stand up, places a ribbon on his forehead and rings the doorbell, while the robot simply watches her. Before she leaves, she places a flower in Metal's hand and turns him around to face the door, then hides behind a nearby rock to watch what happens. Eggman answers the door (in his pyjamas from Sonic the Animation) and sees Metal Sonic presenting the flower to him. After inspecting the flower, he decides to pick Metal up and bring him back inside, making Amy delighted. The real Sonic the Hedgehog had seen what was going on with a confused look, whom Amy then gives a flower to before running off.

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