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Freezer Mobile
Freezer Mobile
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Level: IceCap Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Freezer Mobile (フリーザーモービル)[1] is the fifth boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, fought at the end of IceCap Zone Act 2.


Dr. Eggman/Eggrobo will fly an ice machine that floats slowly back and forth and lowers a platform below it. The platform is spiked on its underside. Eggman/Eggrobo constantly shoots out jets of freezing air that will freeze the player (and more than likely hit them) if they touch them. The pattern of ice jets is random, and he sometimes shoots jets down from his machine onto the platform or sideways from the platform.

The player must jump onto the platform and then hit his machine from below since it's out of jumping range from the ground; however, the ice jets complicate this. Because their pattern is random, it's impossible to know that an ice jet won't come down to the platform right as they jump on it and freeze them in their tracks. The playr should be very careful not to get cornered—that almost invariably gets them hit, but there's very little they can do about it. The only strategy they can use is to jump onto the platform at the right time and hope an ice jet won't touch them. Jump and hit Eggman/Eggrobo quickly and then scamper off after one hit into the open area. The player can sometimes sort of predict where Eggman/Eggrobo may shoot his ice jets next, but it's very hard, especially as he sometimes shoots two down in a row. This can be very frustrating especially if the player doesn't have Tails with them. They should keep trying, and eventually they'll master Eggman/Eggrobo's pattern or just get lucky.

After six hits, the platform will break off the mech, and Eggman/Eggrobo will descend in an attempt to freeze the player with the freezing gas leaking out from the broken radiator tube beneath the mech. The gas will also leak from back of the damaged mech and will also freeze the player, therefore the safest place to hit the mech at this point is the front. Two more hits will finish off the boss.

If the player is playing as Sonic and Tails together, they can break each other out of ice blocks before they get hurt, making this battle much easier. If they fight the boss as Knuckles, the platform will periodically go back up to Eggrobo then lower again, making hitting the boss trickier.


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