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Flame Mobile
Flame Mobile
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Level: Angel Island Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Flame Mobile (フレイムモービル)[1] is the first boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, fought at the end of Angel Island Zone Act 2. The Flame Mobile is depicted on the US box art of the gameMedia:Sonic 3 US box artwork.png[2], although the art shows the machine shooting flames, whereas in the game it shoots fireballs.


Quite a step up from the easy mid-boss, this boss battle involves hitting Dr. Eggman/Eggrobo's Flame Mobile mech eight times while avoiding the two (or four, if playing as Knuckles) fireballs shot from it. At the start of the fight, Eggman/Eggrobo will appear above the bridge that the player just crossed, and burn it to cinders by shooting fireballs at it. When this happens, the player must not be standing on the bridge lest they fall into the bottomless pit below, though they can get a few hits in before the attack. Afterwards, Eggman/Eggrobo will disappear behind the waterfall and emerge at another spot to shoot fireballs directly downard or diagonally, then repeat the pattern, so the player will have to time their jumps. Having a Fire Shield active makes the fight considerably easier thanks to the shield's immunity to the fireballs.

It is possible for Sonic to defeat this boss before it has a chance to escape into the waterfall, but he will require a Fire Shield in order to do so. The player must stand on the left of the bridge, then jump just before the boss appears. If timed correctly, Sonic will continually bounce on the boss and score all 8 hits in one go. Immediately after landing the final hit, the player must perform a fireball dash towards the right of the screen to avoid falling into the bottomless pit.

When the boss is defeated, a bridge appears on the right of the arena, covering the bottomless pit there as the Capsule descends. After the points tally, the player's character(s) will automatically go right, and what happens next depends on the character. In Sonic and Tails' adventure, the heroes will meet the malicious Knuckles again—he laughs and hits a switch which makes the bridge the heroes are standing on collapse, dropping them into Hydrocity Zone. In Knuckles' story, the echidna simply jumps through the bridge and drops down to Hydrocity Zone.


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