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Sonic X episode #1
"Chaos Control Freaks"
Written by:
Directed by: Hajime Kamegaki
Production no.: 001
Country: Japan
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2003-04-06[1] ¥? ?
2003-08-23[2] $? ?
2003-11-19 €? ?
Sonic to the Rescue

"Chaos Control Freaks", known as "Chou Onsoku Hero Toujou!" (超音速ちょうおんそくヒーロー登場とうじょう!) in Japan, is the first episode in the first season of Sonic X. The opening sequence in which everyone is transported from a alternate world into Earth is likely a nod to Mobius. This seems to imply that Sonic was transported from Mobius into Earth.


The episode opens with Sonic the Hedgehog staging a raid on Dr. Eggman's base. He manages to avoid several machine gun turrets and a series of missiles, but is caught out by a spring trap. Tails and Amy arrive in the Tornado to give Sonic a Ring, which he absorbs and uses the energy to destroy Eggman's defences and break through a window in the tower. Knuckles, watching the carnage from afar, comments that it's "too much".

Meanwhile, Eggman gloats to a captive Cream that the Chaos Emerald in his possession will make his Mecha unbeatable, but is interrupted by Sonic breaking through a door. Eggman hurriedly puts the Emerald in a machine while a robot starts shooting at Sonic. The machine is damaged during the fight, and begins to spark, then glow. The whole base is enveloped in a brilliant white light, which Knuckles remarks is a product of "Chaos Control", before he, Tails and Amy disappear too.

Sonic escapes from the police.

Sonic wakes up a short time later in the middle of a busy street surrounded by traffic and gawking humans. The police arrive and attempt to catch him in a net, from which he easily escapes, then outruns a police car and leaps 100 metres over a roadblock. At the police control centre, Sam Speed relishes a challenge and sets off in his racing-style car, followed by the S Team, to catch the hedgehog.

Sam Speed introduces himself.

Sitting on a streetlight on Route 1015, Sonic ponders whether he has time-travelled or arrived in a parallel world, noting that the night sky looks the same. Sam Speed arrives and explains to Sonic that the city is too peaceful, and he has apprehended only one criminal in the last year. He introduces himself as "Highwest" and says that despite the lengthy introduction, things will be fast from now on. Sonic runs off, followed by Sam Speed and the S Team.

Sonic evades the S Team without difficulty, finding time to taunt them and even run backwards. This prompts Sam Speed to use his "super nitro", which allows him to accelerate past Sonic. However, Sonic also increases his speed, breaking the sound barrier and outpacing Sam once again. He flies off the end of the road and over the suburbs where the S Team can't follow.

Landing in a swimming pool, Sonic is unable to get out and almost drowns, but is saved by a boy who was woken by the splash. Sonic thanks him and, surprised that the hedgehog can talk, the boy introduces himself as Chris.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Os Loucos do Controlo do Caos The Madmen of Chaos Control

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