Eggman Nega (Neon Palace boss)

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Eggman Nega (Neon Palace boss)
Neon Palace Boss.png
Eggman Nega (Neon Palace boss)
Game: Sonic Rivals 2
Level: Neon Palace Zone
Hits to defeat: 6

The unnamed Neon Palace Zone boss is the third boss of Sonic Rivals 2. Eggman Nega, disguised as Dr. Eggman attacks with mecha that drops Bingo blocks. The battle takes place on a giant roulette which surrounds a Bingo board.

Eggman Nega will fly around the roulette dropping blocks that correspond to numbers on the Bingo board. When these blocks are touched, they will light up that number on the board, and Rings are spawned. If three numbers in a row are lit up in any direction, the board will shock the mecha and cause it to fall. This leaves the players an opportunity to attack the cockpit. The blocks will also stack on themselves, giving the player a chance to attack from the air.

At random moments, Eggman Nega will charge up his mecha and circle the arena with a giant laser. This laser will destroy any Bingo blocks it touches. Six hits from one player marks the end of the battle.


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