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Egg Spinner
  • Good Future
  • Bad Future
Egg Spinner
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Level: Metallic Madness
Hits to defeat: 4

The Egg Spinner[1] is the final boss encounter in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, and depending on the player's progress within the game will either take place in the bright colorful world of the Good Future, or the Eggman-conquered Bad Future. Either way, this final confrontation with the genius Dr. Eggman at the end of Metallic Madness determines the fate of the Little Planet, the Time Stones, and the world.


While most of the boss fights up to this point have had some sort of gimmick connected either to the level it came from or the boss arena surrounding it, this Zone 3 encounter is straightforward. However, this does not mean to say it is easy, still being a deceivingly difficult final boss. Once again using his Eggmobile as a starting point in the design, the levitating craft of the mad doctor starts off with four blades spinning around it, each more than willing to lay a blow on the hedgehog. Eggman's first form of attack is to have the craft lower to the ground, the blades landing and rotating the craft across the majority of the ground below. Though Sonic can dodge the craft, it is almost impossible at this point for him to curl into his spin attack and strike the doctor without getting hit himself. However, with a bit of patience, the craft will rise up, the blades separating from the craft and giving the player enough time to strike that first crucial blow against Eggman.

With that first attack, the first of the four blades on the machine break off, now giving Sonic more than enough room to lay down the next three strikes. While Eggman once again brings his machine to ground level in an attempt to crush the hedgehog, when he levitates Eggman does not go back to the top of the screen, and with the right timing the player can smack the underside of the vehicle. Afterwards, Eggman attempts to use the blades as projectiles, rising back to the top of the screen and using the last two to drop from the ceiling, Sonic needing to avoid them or else risk losing his rings or worse, a life. One more hit means one more blade gone, the final one striking as a projectile from a diagonal trajectory. In one last, desperate move, the crazed scientist forgoes the steady swoop downward, instead using the final blade as a pogo stick, in the vain hope of crushing Sonic and staying out of the spin attack's path. With a bit of courage and a leap of faith, Sonic can lay the final blow, Eggman escaping in his broken craft and Amy Rose returning to the scene. And with that, the Little Planet is freed, ready to return to whence it came, Sonic returning to the Earth's surface and Eggman living to fight another day.

If Sonic was unable to either get a good future in every Zone or get the seven Time Stones, Eggman sneaks off the planet with one in hand, Sonic throwing a rock at his broken vehicle to add insult to injury but the Little Planet still in danger. However, if all the Time Stones are recovered, the planet cheers Sonic by emanating his face for a brief moment in the sky before disappearing.

It should also be noted that the music which accompanies this boss fight is entitled "Final Fever," which some early magazine previews mistakenly believed to be the name of the final level in the game.

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