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Hertia, as seen in Sonic X

Earthia, known in Japan as Hertia, is a character from the anime series Sonic X, she is the mother of both, Cosmo, and Galaxina. She is also the former lover of Lucas before he took the name of Dark Oak.

She is the presumed leader of Cosmo's clan, and she later chose to flee after the Green Planet was destroyed. A survivor of a fake Planet Egg, she transformed to her true form; a giant tree. Depending if the tree is cared for or not, the tree will create seeds, which will also make a new offspring, one of those offsprings happened to be Cosmo, her younger daughter. She later grew weaker and died during a Metarex attack on their ship.

She later appears in the form of an Holographic image on the abandoned Green Planet, showing how the planet fell. Earthia later returns on the final moment of the forestation project, appearing to Cosmo, and telling her what to do, and suddenly, Cosmo's amulet shatters.

After Dark Oak has been defeated, she appears to him, telling him that they have a second chance. They later disappear, and were never seen again.


Earthia can produce healing seeds, and control plants. She can also created force fields by using her orb, which is attached to her chest, her orb and the force field will not be harmed by anything once a force field is in place. She also has the ability to float in the air.

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