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The E-Series is a series of robots created by Dr. Eggman. They were first introduced in Sonic Adventure, comprising mostly of gunner robots.

E-102 Gamma, an E-series bot from Sonic Adventure.

Sonic Adventure

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Unlike many of Eggman's robots in previous games, the E-100 series were important characters in their own right. The most prominent was E-102 Gamma, who was a playable character during the game. The others served as bosses, with the exception of the mass produced Egg Keeper, which is a standard enemy robot.

The E-100 Series robots from Sonic Adventure include:

In Sonic X, Beta replaced much of Zeta's role. So much, in fact, that Zeta only appears on the show in Episode 31, "Revenge of the Robot", when Gamma comes to the Hot Shelter to destroy him.

Sonic Adventure 2

An E-1000 in Egg Quarters.
  • E-1000 - The E-1000 models resemble E-102 Gamma with two cannon arms. They shoot like crazy and seem to lack any higher awareness.

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Battle

Sonic Riders

E-10000G in Sonic Riders.

Sonic Riders included the E-10000 series; two of which, E-10000R and E-10000G, were unlockable playable characters.

  • E-10000R - A red humanoid robot wearing what appears to be a baseball cap.
  • E-10000G - A mass produced green version of E-10000R.
  • E-10000Y - A maintenance robot in Ice Factory.
  • E-10000P - Purple robots seen on a production line in Egg Factory.

Sonic Free Riders

  • E-10000G - Returning from Sonic Riders.
  • E-10000B - A blue version of E-10000. Part of Team Dark and only playable in World Grand Prix mode. Revealed to be Metal Sonic in disguise.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

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Sonic X

Several E-Series robots appeared in the television series Sonic X. However, since Sonic X occurs in a slightly different continuity from the games, they cannot necessarily be considered canon. They are as follows:

  • E-11 Beacon - Sonic X Episodes 4 & 12
  • E-12 Dreamer - Sonic X Episode 28
  • E-13 Guardbot - Sonic X Episode 1
  • E-14 Sneezer - Sonic X Episode 1
  • E-18 Guerra-Hard - Sonic X Episode 13
  • E-21 Ballion - Sonic X Episode 10
  • E-23 Missile Wrist - Sonic X Episode 3
  • E-35 Funfun - Sonic X Episode 12
  • E-38 Octoron - Sonic X Episode 9
  • E-39 Quizon - Sonic X Episode 9
  • E-40 Egg Fortress - Sonic X Episode 15
  • E-42 Torole - Sonic X Episode 15
  • E-43 Falcon - Sonic X Episode 15
  • E-45 Sumo - Sonic X Episode 21
  • E-47 Pumpty - Sonic X Episode 5
  • E-51 Intelligente - Sonic X Episode 6
  • E-57 Clurken - Sonic X Episode 16
  • E-65 Gorru-Gaooh - Sonic X Episode 18
  • E-66 Da-Dai-Oh - Sonic X Episode 22
  • E-70 Noizi - Sonic X Episode 11
  • E-74 Weazo - Sonic X Episode 23
  • E-77 Lucky - Sonic X Episode 25
  • E-88 Lightning Bird - Sonic X Episode 24
  • E-90 Super Sweeper - Sonic X Episode 5
  • E-91 Lady Ninja - Sonic X Episode 17
  • E-99 Egg Emperor (Eggsterminator in the American dub) - Sonic X Episode 26

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

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