Dustin Wyatt's Epic Adventure

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Tweakers Epic Adventure.png
Dustin Wyatt's Epic Adventure
Version: U. N. Owen was it
Last release: Never
Status: Unknown
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Sonic 65

Dustin Wyatt's Epic Adventure is a hack of Sonic 1 by Sonic 65. The game focuses on Tweaker as he decides to go kick everybody's ass. The stages are based on well-known members from Sonic Retro, be they popular or not. The exception is the first stage, the "Intro Stage", but it still has .hack//zero as its boss.



Gameplay is very Mega Man-like, and indeed Tweaker's sprites are actually an edit of Mega Man's. To kill enemies, you shoot them with your blaster. Jumping on enemies to kill them has been entirely disabled, and if Tweaker comes into any contact with an enemy then you get hurt.


  • A: Jump
  • B: Fire Blaster
  • C: Jump
  • Up Arrow: Look Up
  • Down Arrow: Duck
  • Left/Right Arrows: Move



In the year 199X, a guy named Dustin Wyatt was created. He went on to lead Sonic Retro, and got a job as a DJ. However, after he got banned, nineko took control of powerful retroids, to counter Tweaker. Tweaker then decided to go kick some ass.

Hack Plans


  • 1. Intro Stage
  • 2. Chimpo Woman's Stage
  • 3. Tea Man's Stage
  • 4. LocalH Man's Stage
  • 5. Dusthill Man's Stage
  • 6. Shade Man's Stage

Planned Features

  • Completely new stages
  • New bosses
  • New enemies
  • New music
  • Stage Select Screen
    • This will be used to select which "(Wo)Man" you want to fight. You will need to beat Chimpo Woman, Tea Man, LocalH Man, Dusthill Man and Shade Man (as well as finish the Intro Stage) to be able to access the final stage.

Current Features

  • Blaster engine programming finished (Tweaker can now shoot stuff, and it kills enemies)
  • Flying "Down Syndrome Sonic" head added as enemy in Intro Stage
  • Intro Stage layout complete (boss not programmed fully yet)
  • Tweaker sprite set complete
  • New music added for intro stage and title
  • New title screen
  • Mini-games as special stages


  • "PURE WIN" - nineko
  • "Second best hack ever. Right after Atomic Sonic." - PPAChao
  • "That was probably both the most retarded and amazing thing I've ever seen." - Tweaker
  • "If awesomeness would be a material, Sonic 65 could fill the awesomeness of this mod into bottles and sell it, so people like me could be 1% awesome =P It has everything a hack needs... Well, it's more like a complete new game!!! The only things that I'm missing is a Selbi Man stage and ninekos Castle ^^ " - Madness




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