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The following are instruction manuals for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.


File:DRMBM MD US manual.pdf Dr. Robotnik, that malicious master mind of planet Mobius, is always coming up with new ways to menace the world and its inhabitants. Witness his latest plan - the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine, which changes the jolly folk of Beanville into robot slaves that will help the deranged doctor rid Mobius of music and fun forever!

Robotnik's henchbots are rounding up all the unfortunate bean folk they can find and grouping them together in dark dungeons. Once four or more beans are put in a group, they are teleported to the Mean Bean Machine and a horrible fate!

Here's where you come in: You can group the bean folk together and allow them to escape! However, there is only a short time before the holding area overfills and bursts open. To make matters worse, the henchbots have noticed you, and are trying to find a way to short-circuit your plans for good!

You must move more beans through your dungeon than the henchbot jailer next to you, and at the same time bust your enemy's dungeon wide open. If you succeed, you'll be sent up the line to deal with the wilier henchbots, and eventually with that rotten Robotnik himself!


Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (16-bit)
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