Departure! Egg Fort II

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SonicX 20 JP TitleCard.jpg
Sonic X episode #20
"Departure! Egg Fort II"
Written by:
Directed by: Nana Harada
Production no.: 020
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Departure! Egg Fort II is the 20th episode of Sonic X. In the English 4Kids Entertainment dub, it is called Cruise Blues.


On the bottom of the ocean, Decoe and Bocoe have finished repairing the Egg Fort. Although they claim the ship has been fully repaired, when they start the main engine, it promptly fails. Dr Eggman decides to abandon the Egg Fort and use a new ship...

Meanwhile, Sonic, Chris and friends are on a cruise to some glaciers on the Thorndyke's private yacht. Everyone is loving the holiday, except Sonic, who hates being on the ship as he is afraid of water. Sonic tries arguing his case to Chris and the others but they do not listen. Sonic resorts to running all over the ship to distract himself, to the annoyance of the others. Eventually, Amy tells him to snap out of it, and to be brave, to which Sonic responds by collapsing.

Sonic begins to try numerous ways of getting off the ship, including trying to make others feel the same fear he does - making Tails think that the X-Tornado is alive and that it was cruel to leave it by itself on the mainland, and telling Amy he loves her and then telling Chuck and Chris that Amy has gone crazy and they need to get off the boat... However, they begin to suspect him of trickery. When Amy finds out what he is up to, she corners him on top of an aerial. Soon, a helicopter arrives with Tanaka on board. Although Sonic thinks the helicopter is coming to take him, it transpires that it is full of elderly people who have been invited to the boat, who soon start mollycoddling Sonic. Whilst the others chat with the elderly people, Sonic tries to run and jump off the boat 15 times, falling into the water each time.

Back on the ocean floor, Eggman reveals the Egg Fort 2, which can split into three ships controlled by Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe. At the mansion, Bokkun arrives to deliver a message to Sonic and friends, but finds no-one home, Ella soon arrives however, and Bokkun tricks her by crying and telling her he wants to be her friend. Ella hugs Bokkun, only to be rewarded with a bomb. Bokkun laughs and flies away.

The yacht arrives at the glaciers. The group soon begin to spot whales, but one of them transpires to be the Egg Fort 2 - Eggman has arrived. Sonic jumps onto the ice to battle Eggman, but finds he cannot run on the ice as he has no traction as Eggman stars shooting at him. An elderly lady aboard the boat tells Sonic to relax and feel the ice with his feet. However, Bokkun appears begging to be let into the Egg Fort 2. He is being chased by a very mad Ella flying the X-Tornado. She transforms it into the X-Cyclone and kicks the Egg Fort 2 into the sky. Sonic decides to relax, and when he is offered a ride back home, he decides to stay on the boat.

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