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David Gonterman is a former member of the Sonic Internet Community, infamously known for his "Blood and Metal" saga. Getting his start on the now-defunct AOL Sonic message board, Gonterman posted the first chapter to what would later be called "Blood and Metal Alpha," a self-insertion tale that initially met with much praise. He quickly posted it on the original Sonic Mailing List, and spread it across the still small community.

In the story, David Gonterman takes the role of David Kintobor, who loses his arm in a race-related incident, and has it restored by the exiled King Acorn of Mobius. He then entrusts Kintobor with a message to give back to his daughter, Princess Sally, and in the process Kintobor joins up with the freedom fighters, determined to help them become free. The twist comes when Kintobor discovers that Dr. Robotnik, the tyrant of Mobius, is also his father.

As more chapters were released, people did not look at it as fondly, and by the time he created his "Sailor Moon: American Kitsune" saga for the Sailor Moon fans, accusations of homophobia and racism were directed at all his works. While he tried to patch up his broken friendships with redoing his stories in comic form ("Sonic the Hedgehog: The Mobius Chronicles" and "Sailor Moon: USA," respectively), they never caught on. Fed up with his new status in the fandom, he took down everything he had created up to that point, disowning all of his previous work and moving on to more "original" ideas.

Before his self-imposed exile, Gonterman was also a large part of the role-playing scene on the AOL message board, which he then applied to latter chapters of "Blood and Metal: Alpha," "Beta," and "Restart." They also wrote stories for him in the BAM universe, but due to personal problems involving him and Emily Smith, nearly all of his following broke off ties with Gonterman.

David Gonterman also briefly hosted a backup copy of the archive, which allowed other people to archive it following Gonterman's own hatred of the fandom caused him to do the same thing Ratman did.

Currently, Gonterman is working on a revision of "Blood and Metal," removing the Sonic elements and replacing them with "original" ideas.

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