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Coconut Crew
First seen: Sonic Rush Adventure (2007)
Members: Tabby, Colonel, Muzy, Setter, Daikun, Kylok, Gardon

The Coconut Crew (Yashinomi Dan) are a group of koalas who appear throughout the islands of Sonic Rush Adventure, as friends of Marine the Raccoon. Ostensibly the youth association of Southern Island, they function more like a transoceanic intelligence network, providing important data to Sonic on his adventures in Blaze the Cat's world. Members include:


Marine introduces Tabby, the first member of the Crew, on Plant Kingdom.
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  • Tabby (タビー, Tabī) - The first Coconut Crew member Sonic met, after Ghost Rex on Plant Kingdom. He gives out missions for you to do, as well as initially pointing the heroes in the direction of Machine Labyrinth in search of Material.
  • Colonel (カーネル, Kāneru) - He helps Sonic with unknown mysteries about certain places he explores. He gives out missions, and decorates Southern Island once you pay him with rings.
  • Muzy (ミュージー, Myūjī) - The musician Sonic talks to, and opens the Sound Test. You can unlock more music once you've completed certain missions.
  • Setter (セッター, Settā) - Runs the Options screen. Apparently lives in Marine's house.
  • Daikun (ダイクン, Daikun) - A member who knew Marine when she was younger. He will decorate the island when certain missions are completed.
  • Kylok (キロック, Kirokku) - Kylok opens up a list of clips that are from the events of the game, and are unlocked by completing certain missions.
  • Gardon (ガードン, Gādon) - One of Blaze's royal guard, who persists in calling her "Your Highness" despite the cat's protests. He gives out missions for Blaze to do to get the Sol Emeralds. He also tells her that the Jeweled Scepter is missing during the game's final chapter. Might not actually count as part of the Crew, but he is a koala.

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