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CulTNET is a hosting service and IRC network created by Sazpaimon of Sonic CulT. The network currently hosts Sonic CulT, Hacking CulT (Which in and of itself hosts multiple sites), and Hidden Palace. Sonic Retro (as well as The Sonic 2 Beta Page before the merge) was also hosted by CulTNET from February 2008 until February 2010 when Retro moved to its own server. The network is funded entirely by Sazpaimon and all hostees are hosted free of charge.


The hosting venture started in 2005 by Sazpaimon as a for-pay hosting service in order to help pay server bills, and to provide free hosting to friends. Later, a new server was purchased by a friend and was given to Sazpaimon to use free of charge, so the network was changed as free hosting service for already established sites within the Sonic community. Eventually, as the network began to grow, founder Sazpaimon purchased a more powerful server, and now the entire network is run, maintained, and funded by him.


Before becoming the name for the hosting service, CulTNET was also the name for the IRC network hosted on the same server. Many hostees on the network have created their channels on the IRC network, including #s2beta, #cult, and for other non-hosted sites like #ssrg.