Clash! Sonic vs Shadow

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Sonic X episode #64
"Clash! Sonic vs Shadow"
Production no.: 064
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Clash! Sonic vs Shadow is the 12th episode in the second season, and the 64th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as A Metarex Melee.

Episode Summary

Sonic and Dark Oak face each other inside the Metarex fortress. Sonic fights off the first wave of Dark Oak's many minions, but the leader himself turns out to be just a hologram. Meanwhile, Knuckles confronts Dr. Eggman atop his hoverpod, which has crashed beside the X-Tornado in a deep shaft within the fortress. As these pairs clash, Red Pine arrives with a fleet and surrounds the fortress, trapping everybody. Among his taunts, he chides the combatants for not trusting each other.

Eggman brings his forces out, leaving Knuckles to pilot the X-Tornado alone--or rather, to stay put for the moment because he can't figure out the controls. Things get worse when the fortress ejects the Planet Egg it was crystallizing, which fulfills its true purpose, leaving it open for Red Pine to destroy along with everyone on board.

When Shadow's party returns to the Crimson Egg, Eggman is surprised to see Chris. As a demonstration of his improved effectiveness, Chris snatches the two Chaos Emeralds that Eggman has with him and escapes in a small ship. Shadow and Rouge intercept him, crashing the ship, and Chris falls right where Knuckles can catch him. Chris flies the X-Tornado to where Sonic is fighting the Metarex, bringing the Emeralds with him, followed closely by Shadow. When they all bring the Emeralds together, both Sonic and Shadow transform. This greatly surprises Dark Oak, who was unaware of Shadow and his capabilities.

Shadow demands that Sonic hand over the Chaos Emeralds, but when he can't explain why he really wants them, Sonic refuses, and rebukes Shadow for only following orders instead of acting on his own will. The ensuing battle between them tears holes in the Metarex fortress...and activates the black hole at its core. The Metarex all get sucked into it, but Shadow Chaos Controls himself and the Crimson Egg out, and the Blue Typhoon escapes by drawing on the Master Emerald's power.

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