Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles

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Sonic X episode #5
"Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiichiro Furuya
Production no.: 005
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles is the fifth episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Cracking Knuckles.

Episode summary

Following his departure last episode, Knuckles is sitting alone in a street, thinking about Angel Island and the Master Emerald. Dr. Eggman appears from the shadows, and pleads with Knuckles to help him retrieve the seven Chaos Emeralds so that he can return to his own world. He claims that Sonic already has the Emeralds, but refuses to use them to go home. Knuckles agrees to help.

At the Thorndyke mansion, Chris, Tails and Chuck are discussing the Chaos Emerald they obtained last episode. They are interrupted by Ella, the housekeeper, who wants to clean Chris' room. Tails is forced to pretend to be a stuffed toy, and is promptly carried away by Chris.

Outside, they bump into Amy, who tells them that another Emerald has been found in the Silver Valley area, in the countryside. Chuck is accosted by Mr. Tanaka, who insists he goes for some exercise, so Chris takes Tails and Amy on a train. They have to remain perfectly still pretending to be toys for the entire journey.

Back at the mansion, a small black flying robot named Bokkun lands next to Sonic, who was sleeping on a balcony. It takes a TV out of its rucksack and switches it on. The TV plays a message from Knuckles, who says he is waiting for Sonic in the Silver Valley. The TV explodes and Bokkun flies away, laughing hysterically.

Chris, Tails and Amy are having a picnic in the valley. Suddenly they are attacked by a large robot, E-47, with a glass tank in its chest. It scoops them up and drops them in the tank. Eggman appears and tells them it was a trap, and there is no Chaos Emerald.

Sonic arrives in the valley where Knuckles is waiting for him. Knuckles demands to have the Chaos Emeralds, but Sonic casually tells him he's been deceived again. Knuckles attacks Sonic and they fight for a while.

Amy uses her hammer to damage the robot, causing a small explosion. Sonic sees the smoke and runs off to investigate, leaving a furious Knuckles chasing after him. The robot flies over to the other side of a lake with Chris, Tails and Amy still inside. Knuckles realises he has been tricked. Sonic runs around the lake and knocks the robot over, allowing his friends to escape. The robot gets up again, and starts shooting in all directions. Knuckles climbs up the robot and punches Eggman's Eggpod away into the distance, then smashes the robot.

The episode ends with Knuckles leaving the group to be on his own once again.

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