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Chaotix0119 32X TT BadnikPalette.png
Prototype 0119
Chaotix 32X TT BadnikPalette.png
Final game

This build is the first to feature the chef-like Badniks, but they've got the wrong palette.

Chaotix0119 32X TT MissileLauncher.png
Prototype 0119
Chaotix 32X TT MissileLauncher.png
Final game

It is also the first build to include the rocket launcher Badniks, however they are far less effective than the final game, usually exploding after launching their batch of missiles (which in turn, do not hurt the player).

Level 5

Chaotix0119 32X TT 5DrillCrash.png
Prototype 0119
Chaotix 32X TT 5DrillCrash.png
Final game

The drill machine works, but it doesn't destroy the last wall and doesn't break down.


Chaotix (prototype 0119), prototype version of Chaotix
Chaotix0111 32X Title.png

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