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Badniks make their appearance in Speed Slider for the first time with the 0119 prototype.

Chaotix0119 32X SS PolygonPlatform.png
Prototype 0119
Chaotix 32X SS PolygonPlatform.png
Final game

The 0119 build introduces the big rising polygonal platforms in the centre of the stage, however they are not rendered correctly.

Chaotix0119 32X SS FlyingCarpet.png
Prototype 0119
Final game

Flying carpets exist in levels 4 and 5. If both characters jump on top, you can travel anywhere with the D-pad until hitting a solid tile, at which point the carpet will return to its initial position.

Chaotix0119 32X SS 4Badnik.png
Prototype 0119
Chaotix 32X SS 4Badnik.png
Final game

Unique to this 0119 build are these unused Badniks. The start off static before hovering and chasing the player, and while they can be defeated, the prototype is prone to crashing if a character collides with them in certain ways.

The enemy is surrounded by three (incorrect) objects, pulled from the wrong positions in memory. In level 4, these are usually springs, while in level 5 the objects range from the tube exits of Amazing Arena to monitors, and can change if the enemy goes out of view. Destroying the "center" part often destroys these surrounding objects, but it is not guaranteed.

The enemy would be removed by the next known build (0202).


Chaotix (prototype 0119), prototype version of Chaotix
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