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With the returning Training/Time Attack menu, the 0119 prototype is the first to openly advertise four training levels, although as with previous builds, only three have been implemented. You are forced to play these levels with the day palette and are given a score of -1 as soon as you enter (which will never change, because nothing awards points in these levels).

The level order is different to the final game:

0119 prototype

(Time Attack menu)

0119 prototype

(Stage Select menu)

Final game

(Training menu)

Final game

(Stage Select menu)

T.A. 1 Training 0 Isolated Island 3 Training 3
T.A. 2 Training 1 Isolated Island 1 Training 1
T.A. 3 Training 2 Isolated Island 2 Training 2
T.A. 4 Training 3 Isolated Island 4 Training 4
Chaotix0119 32X Training 2End.png
Prototype 0202
Chaotix 32X Training 2End.png
Final game

T.A. 3/Training 2 is the only level to contain objects, but rather than having a flower at the end, it has a signpost, and by extension, the possibility of entering a Special Stage. Doing so loads the second Special Stage (Special Stage 1), which when completed resets the game.


Chaotix (prototype 0119), prototype version of Chaotix
Chaotix0111 32X Title.png

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