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General comparisons

Chaotix0111 32X DataLoad.png
Prototype 0111
Chaotix 32X Comparison DataLoad.png
Final game

The data load screen screen has regressed, with the green ovals completely missing in this build and the background not tiling as nicely (the latter carring through to the final game). The icons are still in the wrong order.

Chaotix0111 32X Data1Clear.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X Data1.png
Final game

Like the previous prototype, only Botanic Base is marked as clear, when in fact every stage is.

Chaotix0111 32X SoundTest Surprise.png
Prototype 0111
Chaotix 32X SoundTest Surprise.png
Final game

The sound test is mostly complete, though the PWM indicators are broken and the sound effects have no numbers. "Suprise!" is misspelt as "Surprize!", while "Tribute", "Destructive Power" and "Just Another Day" are labeled as "??? Good Ending ???", "?? Normal Ending ??" and "?? Staff Roll ??", respectively. "Decision 2nd" is also missing.

Chaotix0111 32X FinalPull.png
Prototype 0111
Chaotix 32X FinalPull.png
Final game

This is the first known prototype to use the final pulling frame when the combi rings are fully stretched. However, no arms are drawn in this state.

Level comparisons


Chaotix (prototype 0111), prototype version of Chaotix
Chaotix Beta Title 1.png

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