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General comparisons

Chaotix0210 32X PlayerSelect.png
Prototype 0210
Chaotix 32X Comparison TimeAttack.png
Final game

The Player Select screen has finally been updated, though is missing the green ovals.

Chaotix0210 32X PartnerSelect.png
Prototype 0210
Chaotix 32X CombiSelect.png
Final game

"NPC Select" is now "Partner Select", though it still isn't final.

Chaotix0210 32X WorldEntrance Clear.png
Prototype 0210
Final game

Trying to play a cleared save has similar results to the 0208 and 0209 prototypes (i.e. it crashes on the title card of the loaded level), although the attaction select in the World Entrance just draws extra 3s now.

Chaotix0210 32X FinalBoss EggmanLaugh.png
Prototype 0210
Chaotix 32X FinalBoss EggmanLaugh.png
Final game

This is the first known build to show Eggman laughing if the player beats the game with more than one Chaos Ring, but not all of them. It's the same sequence as the final, just without the background.

Level comparisons


Chaotix (prototype 0210), prototype version of Chaotix
Chaotix title.png

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