Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi: Super Sonik II

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Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi: Super Sonik II
System(s): Game Boy Color
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo Game Boy Color
200x  ? ?

Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi (超級音速小子), also known as Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi: Super Sonik II (超級音速小子: Super Sonik II), Super II Sonik or Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi II (超級音速小子II) on the box and cartridge, is an unlicensed Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Game Boy Color. Its release year is unknown, though is presumed to have been after 2002 as it steals most of its Sonic-related graphics from Sonic Advance 2, albeit downgraded to fit the Game Boy Color's limitations. The music is taken directly from the Game Boy version of Parasol Stars.

A ROM of the game was dumped by taizou and released on Handheld Underground on December 25, 2018.


Although a platformer, Chaoji Yinsu Xiaozi does not play like any official Sonic game, but is rather a basic platformer running under the same engine used in Pokémon Platinum, another Game Boy Color game developed by Sintax. The player can choose to play as either Knuckles, Sonic or Tails.

Characters can move left or right at a fixed speed, jump by pressing A, and use a projectile attack with B. Sonic and Tails both use weaker projectiles that defeat enemies in two hits, whereas Knuckles can defeat enemies in a single hit. Levels can also feature ladders which the player can climb up or down using Up and Down respectively.

The player does not collect any Rings. Instead, they have a HP bar on the bottom of the screen that decreases from taking damage, and is refilled by collecting stars. When the HP bar is emptied, the game is over, though the player may choose to continue. Though the HUD also displays an MP bar and various icons, the player appears to be unable to use any attacks that consume MP, therefore these HUD elements are useless.


Physical scans

Game Boy Color, CH
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System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo Game Boy Color
CRC32 a9dd9da7
MD5 7f41fb9c4f9627828b6a1ae958a8c0a9
SHA-1 006df0ddb10c5970002134da4d75ccc466e95edd
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