Bowling Spin

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Bowling Spin
Bowling Spin
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Level: Carnival Night (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 4

Bowling Spin (ボウリングスピン), found at the end of Carnival Night Zone Act 1, requires a fair bit of speed. You'll start out on a yellow and green-coloured square platform and the boss will hover down from above. The little spiky top-like thing on its bottom will come off and start flying around the area, and it'll destroy one panel of the floor that it touches every time it comes into contact with it. So if you let it wear out the floor and you fall through, basically put, you're dead. While the spikes on the side are damaging, it's perfectly safe to stand on its flat top, and hitting it from below will redirect its path. So what you need to do is hit the actual capsule that the top was attached to and it'll reveal some of its circuits. The top then needs to hit the capsule while the circuits are revealed to do damage, Repeat this four times - rather than six with other mid-bosses - to finish it off. (It's only fair, since it's harder to hit than most mid-bosses.) Also, the capsule electrifies itself at random intervals. Obviously, don't jump at it at this point, except on top.

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