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Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage
Special level, Sonic Spinball (8-bit)
Number of Acts: 3
Maximum rings, Act 1: 68 (SMS)
Maximum rings, Act 2: 114 (SMS)
Maximum rings, Act 3: 110 (SMS)

The Bonus Stages in the Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System versions of Sonic Spinball are sidescrolling stages similar the those of the main game. The layout is less complicated and comprises of three interconnected cages. The passage to the next cage is opened by collecting at least half of the available Rings in that section. Each cage has Rings, bumpers, treasure boxes, and mechanical birds (or fish). The treasure boxes can be opened by being jumped on three times and will award the player with 1,000 points, 10 Rings, 1-Up, a Continue, or extra time. If the Bonus Stage is completed in time then you will keep all the bonuses acquired, but if not you will lose everything collected.

Bonus Stages are accessed the same way as in the Mega Drive version and are played in-between levels automatically. Unlike the Mega Drive version, all the cameos from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and SatAM characters have been dropped from these stages.


There are three Emeralds in Levels 1 and 2 and five Emeralds in Levels 3 and 4. Find all the Emeralds in each level, and you'll earn a shot at one of Robotnik's Bosses. Beat the Boss and advance to a Special Stage - the "Bonus Cages".

Each Special Stage consists of three cages. Press Down on the D-Pad to zip back and forth along the cage bottoms, gain speed and grab rings. When you've collected half the rings, a door opens and you can enter the cage to the right.

Look for mystery boxes in each cage. The boxes hold extra time, points, rings, continues or extra lives. Bounce on the boxes to open them. But make sure to get out of the third cage before the allotted time runs out, or you won't get credit for anything you grabbed in the Special Stage.

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