Big's Fishing Derby

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Big's Fishing Derby
Version: 1.05.021a
Last release: 2016-04-30
Status: Active
System: Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 1 MB
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Peripherals supported: Supports 6-button controllers and the Sega Team Player
Credits: flamewing

Big's Fishing Derby (ビッグの 釣りダービー) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive by flamewing that allows the player to play as Big the Cat on various fishing levels. Platforming is gone and the game takes place by a series of bodies of water where the player must catch Froggy while avoiding hooking underwater badniks. A second player can also play Eggman, and he competes with Big in the race to catch Froggy.

Originally intended to be a secret mini-game in Sonic Classic Heroes, the idea grew beyond its original inception and ended up becoming a game of its own.


  • Down to increase or Up to decrease the length of the fishing line (i.e., the vertical position of the hook).
  • Left and Right to move the hook horizontally. The hook will move back to the center when neither is pressed.
  • C Change the selected power-up.
  • A Use the selected power-up to attack or hinder your opponent (if any). This does nothing in single player mode unless Eggman is on-screen.
  • B Use the selected power-up to help yourself.

Game modes

  • Single player:
    • Time Attack: Race against the clock to save Froggy! You have 10 minutes to finish all zones; if you fail, it is game over. To compensate, there are no distractions in this mode.
    • Arcade mode: Battle Eggman's robotic army with limited lives, limited time and ever increasing difficulty to save Froggy! Also features boss fights.
  • Competition:
    • Random levels: Instead of always following the same level order, the game decides on a random level order.
    • Best <M> out of <N>: Instead of going through all zones for each round against Eggman, play only a selection of levels, with simple majority winning the game.
  • Either:
    • Zen Mode: No lives, no time, no pressure: just fishing. Defaults to single player mode, but allows optional join-in of a second player on a per-level basis.


You gain power-ups by fishing out badniks.

BFD-Rings.png Immediate effect Gives you the indicated amount of rings. Rings improve the quality of the power-ups you gain, and may give lives depending on game mode.
BFD-Shield.png Immediate effect Gives you a protective shield that will absorb one hit.
BFD-Bombs.png Usable You gain the indicated number of bombs. Bombs can be used for:

A Competition mode: breaks your opponent's line, destroying the hooked badnik or freeing Froggy.

A Arcade mode: Damages the Boss Fish.

B Destroys a random number of badniks on your side of the pond.

BFD-Shoes.png Usable

A Competition mode: Speeds up your opponent's badniks, and cancels his own speed shoes.

A Arcade mode: Slows down the Boss Fish and speeds up right-side badniks.

B Speeds up fishing line movement, and cancels badnik speed up on your badniks.

BFD-Stars.png Usable

A Competition mode: Makes your opponent's badniks invincible (can't be fished out) and cancels his own invincibility.

A Arcade mode: Makes right-side badniks invincible, causing them to hurt the Boss Fish.

B Makes you invincible, and cancels invincibility on your badniks.

BFD-S.png Usable

Combines Speed Shoes and Invincibility in one rare and easy-to-use package.


  • Revision $21A, with a few minor internal fixes.
  • Revision $214, fixing a crash when displaying results.
  • Revision $20E, fixing rare real-hardware DMA glitches.
  • Revision $20D, first post-2015 Sonic Hacking Contest update.
  • Revision $200, the 2015 Sonic Hacking Contest version.
  • Revision $D9 which fixes input issue in real hardware.


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Current version: 1.05.021a

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