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This is an interview conducted by a member of, with Bentley Jones. Originally this was posted on but it was translated to english for a TSSZ News feature.

The Interview Please introduce yourself and how you came in touch with our beloved hedgehog!

Bentley Jones: Okay… my name’s Bentley Jones (although some Sonic folk may know me by my real name!) and my first experience of Sonic was waaaaaay back in ‘91 when I used to play Sonic 1 at my friend’s house all the time. I’ve been a fan ever since! The first game I worked on was ‘Shadow’ which happened purely by accident when Jun got hold of some of my music. With the song “Dreams of An Absolution” you became famous in the international Sonic Scene - How was your feedback after the game’s release? Did the work with Senoue-san provide you some new employment opportunities?

Bentley Jones: I think everyone was surprised with the feedback from DOAA - myself included! ‘Sonic 2006′ had some really big artists on its soundtrack and there was lil’ ol’ me dropped into the middle of it all. I was shocked by how popular it was and Sonic Team were pretty impressed too. It certainly helped me and my music reach a wide range of different people in a very short space of time. How much do you actually know about the game character “Silver the Hedgehog”? Has someone from SEGA or the Sonic Team ever shown you him?

Bentley Jones: Hehe! I know an awful lot! (^___^) I’m still a big fan of the series. When I was working on ‘Sonic 2006′ I was introduced to Silver in the very early stages. But now I’ve also played the game too! It’s safe to say I’m fairly attached to the little guy. Have you considered working or remixing some older Sonic music tracks for your fans or an upcoming game?

Bentley Jones: I’d love to do something for another Sonic game, of course! Even though I’m pretty busy right now I still try my best to give as much back to the fans as possible. You never know what might be ahead…! How would you describe your music style? Is there any style you really do not want to be compared to?

Bentley Jones: I get compared to a lot of different people… sometimes I can see the comparison and then other times I just don’t understand it! But I always take it as a compliment because the people I’m compared to are already doing what I want to be doing. So even if their music is something I don’t like I can still respect them for what they have achieved and what I want to achieve myself. As for my style… it’s constantly changing depending on the projects I’m involved in!! ^^ At the moment I’d say it’s a blend of electro-dance-pop. Can you give us a insight about your collaborations with Jun Senoue? Is he a perfectionist? How critical is he in reality?

Bentley Jones: I don’t really know because he gave me so much freedom with the work I’ve done for Sonic. And I haven’t really had any critical feedback from him either. But I find most musicians are perfectionists and since Jun is a great musician I’d imagine he’s no exception! ^^ How did the Summer of Sonic-Version of “His World” come to be? Did (The Sonic Stadium) staff just asked you for it? Can we expect to see the track on a possible upcoming Best-Of Album (True Blue 2?)

Bentley Jones: The idea came about while I was talking with the organizers and it just sort of went from there. I’m not sure about it appearing on an album - I like to think of it as a gift from me to the community and I think that maybe it should stay that way. Do you keep an eye on the Sonic Community? Are you covertly registered in a Sonic forum, for instance?

Bentley Jones: Haha!! I’m not registered on any forums but I do try to keep up with everything that’s going on. I touch base with some of the community sites and check out the SEGA sites and blogs too when I have time. Since this interview will be read by Sonic Fans, is there something you want to tell them?

Bentley Jones: Just thank you for all your support! ^^ I know I keep saying it, but being a fan myself it means a lot to me. Hopefully if I can make it, I might see you all again at SOS 2009!! …oh, and please check out the new album… (^____^#)

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