Battle Fortress 2

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Battle Fortress 2
Battle Fortress 2
Twelfth level, Tails Adventures
Location: Cocoa Island
Level theme: flying fortress
Sub-boss: Battle Kukku 16th
Boss: Grand Battle Kukku 15th
Battle Fortress 1
"Battle Fortress" redirects here. For the preceeding Sea Fox level, see Battle Fortress 1.

Battle Fortress 2 (just called Battle Fortress in the English version, thereby rendering it indistinguishable form the previous stage of the same name) is the twelfth and final level of Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear. Tails assaults the Battle Kukku's final stronghold high above Cocoa Island.


After dogfighting his way past the external defenses in Battle Fortress 1, Tails lands the Sea Fox on the floating steel of the sky-stronghold and ambles in to wreak havoc. The prevailing motif of this level is conveyor belts. After picking up the Wrench at the very start, Tails can change the conveyors' direction by tinkering with the purple control panels - a potentially useful but not really necessary ability, as skillful hovering enables him to navigate the many conveyor-passages without worrying about the direction of movement at all.

As with its lesser predecessor, Coco Island, Battle Fortress 2 contains electric barriers which generally require some crafty exploration with the Remote Robot to find an appropriate deactivation switch. Upon reaching the level's end, Tails is confronted by the Battle Kukku Empire's entire chain of succession: first Speedy, then the Grand Battle Kukku 15th.


The only item to pick up in Battle Fortress 2 is:

TailsAdventures GG Sprite Items.png
Wrench — Located after the first conveyor belt in the level. Use the Remote Robot to collect it.


TailsAdventures GG Sprite ShoukyokutekiSentouin.png
Sniper Kukku — Elite Kukkus that shoot and duck.
TailsAdventures GG Sprite RobotKukku.png
Robo Kukku — Motionless Kukku robots that ride along the conveyor belts.

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