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Version: 1.0 (Build 122615)
Last release: December 26th, 2015
Status: On Hold
System: Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 2 MB
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Bakayote, Varion Icaria, SonicVaan,
LuigiXHero, Natsumi

BakaSonic is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive by Bakayote. A demo of it was submitted for the 2014 Sonic Hacking Contest.

Started by Bakayote as practice for hacking, BakaSonic has been evolving since its creation, even being a prank at one point early in its development. This hack contains level art, object art, code and music modifications.

Varion Icaria later joined in as the project co-leader, and was a very big help in fixing code, importing art, creating music, and even importing a custom version of
Sonic Retro
flamewing's S&K sound driver
, among other things.

Later, after SHC2014, Varion's position fell as co-leader, although he does still help with programming the game. The game was rebuilt from the ground up, using only art from the previous build. Flamewing's sound driver was scrapped in favor of a modifed stock Sonic 1 driver with Vladikomper's MegaPCM Driver built upon it.


Moonlight Terrace Zone Act 1.

BakaSonic starts in a Zone known as Moonlight Terrace Zone, In which you play as Sonic the Hedgehog ; who resembles early concept drawings of himself. Moonlight Stronghold contains 3 acts and a boss at the end in which JoeNick, a completely custom boss coded by Natsumi, tries to destroy Sonic in a full on brawl, using such attacks as flaying kicks and throwing Bloody Marys. After the boss fight Sonic walks off into a creepy underwater temple level known as Mystical Citadel.


This hack contains a custom soundtrack coded in SMPS by Bakayote. Most tracks being composed from scratch just for the game, and others being Japanese songs transposed by ear.

  • Title Screen: Theme Of BakaSonic - original composition
  • Moonlight Terrace Act 1: ($81) 20 Seiki No Owari Ni - Hikashu
  • Moonlight Terrace Act 2: ($85) Art Mania - P-Model
  • Moonlight Terrace Act 3: ($84) Divide By Zero - original composition
  • Mystical Citadel Act 1: ($82) Oriental Smoke - original composition
  • Mystical Citadel Act 2: ($83) Hell's Pass - original composition
  • Mystical Citadel Act 3: ($95) Catacomb Rock - original composition
  • Joenick Boss: ($8C) Hell Welcomes You - Korruptstaat/original composition

All other music tracks in the game and sound test are original compositions by Bakayote, except $97 which is a remix of the S&KC version of Ice Cap.

Game Credits

  • Project Leader – Bakayote
  • Main Coding/Programming – Varion Icaria, Natsumi, Bakayote, LuigiXHero
  • Music & Music Porting – Bakayote
  • Sound Driver – VladikComper
  • Game Art – Bakayote
  • Layouts – Bakayote
  • Betatesters – Electroball, JoenickROS, SonicVaan, ThomasSpeedrunner
  • Special Thanks – JoenickROS, Varion Icaria, SuperEgg, Larry Davis, DiscoTheBat


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Current version: BakaSonic Version 1.0

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