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For other episodes with the same English name, see The Last Resort.
SonicX 09 JP TitleCard.png
Sonic X episode #9
"The Last Resort"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiko Oyamada
Production no.: 009
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
Satellite Swindle | Unfair Ball

The Last Resort, known as Nagisa no Amy" (なぎさのエミー) in Japan, is the ninth episode in the first season of Sonic X.

Episode summary

Amy, Tails, Cream and Cheese are loading their luggage into the X Tornado for a holiday to the Emerald Coast Resort. Chris is unable to go because he has been invited to a ceremony, but warns them to stay out of sight. Sonic refuses to go because he can't swim, and tells them to have fun before running off.

Later at the beach, Amy is fantasizing about Sonic while an ominous octopus robot lurks in the sea nearby. Dr. Eggman orders the robot to attack the resort where Chris' ceremony is taking place. Dozens of smaller robots dismantle the hotel and build "Eggman Sea Park", with Chris, Ella and Mr. Tanaka as the first "guests".

Sonic arrives back at the mansion. Chuck switches on the TV to see what Eggman has been doing. Sonic reluctantly heads off to save Chris.

He soon arrives at the resort, where he destroys some of the small E-39 robots, but is ensnared by one of the E-38's tentacles. It starts to drag Sonic into the ocean, but he is saved by Amy, who breaks the tentacle with her hammer. Tails throws Sonic a Ring, which he absorbs and uses to destroy the Octoron.

The smaller robots coalesce into a large, snake-like robot. Amy angrily smashes the robot one segment at a time with her hammer, then knocks Eggman and his Eggpod into the ocean. She jumps after him for a second blow, but ends up falling into the water herself. Sonic dives in after her and, despite being unable to swim, manages to save her.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese O Último Resort The Last Resort

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