Amy no Page One

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Amy no Page One
Publisher: Sega
System(s): i-mode 505/506/700/900/901/902/903

Yahoo Keitai 100k/256k/256-2
EZweb 82.1/83.1

Release Date RRP Code Rating
Mobile phone
2005-08-30 ¥315/mo ?
Amy no Page One (エミーのページワン), is a mobile phone game based on the Japanese card game American Page One. The phone game, which is part of the Sonic Cafe service, features the player as Amy competing against Rouge, Cream and a Hero Chao.

American Page One rules

American Page One can be described as a mix of Uno and Crazy Eights. During the game, there are two piles of cards in the center of the table. One is the deck, which is face down. The other is the played pile, which is face up. When it is a player’s turn, they may either play a card from their hand, or draw one card from the top of the deck. The player’s turn is then over. They may not play the card which was just drawn. To make a valid play, the card being played must be an 8, or it must match either the suit or the number of the card on top of the played pile. For example, if the card on top of the played pile is the 5 of clubs, a valid play is any 8, any 5, or any club. If a player cannot make a valid play, they must draw a card from the deck, and his turn ends. Note that a player may choose to draw, even if they have a valid card to play.

An 8 is a wild card. It may be played on any suit. The player who plays an 8 then declares what the new suit will be. The next player must play a card of that suit, or another 8.

A 2 is a draw card. If a 2 is played, the next player must draw 2 cards. The only way that player can avoid drawing 2 cards is by playing another 2. This is called “stacking.” In that case, the next player must draw 4 cards. Unless, of course, they can also play a 2, resulting in the next player drawing 6 cards, etc. Even an 8 will not save you from a 2. Even if the person who played the 2 goes out, the next player must still draw. The general rule: For every 2 that is played, someone will be drawing 2 cards. Once a player draws the cards, his turn is over. The next player may then play an 8, a card of the same suit, or another 2, but this 2 is no longer stacked, and the next player need only draw 2 cards.

A 3 is the other draw card. The only difference is that 3 cards must be drawn. In rare circumstances, it is possible that all four 3’s will be played in succession, resulting in someone drawing 12 cards—the most possible in a single turn.

A Queen or 9 reverses the direction on play. The player who played before the player who plays a Queen or 9 now takes a turn.

A Jack or 7 skips the next player. If Player 1 plays a Jack or 7, the turn of Player 2 is skipped and the game continues with Player 3.

When a player has only one card left in their hand, they must say they have “one-page”, to warn the other players that they are close to going out. The penalty for forgetting to say “one-page” is to draw 2 cards. There is no penalty for asking a player how many cards they have, even if they have more than one. If a player says “one-page” at the same time another player asks how many cards they have, they do not have to draw. A player can be called for not saying “one-page” even if it is not their turn. Only by playing their last card (thus winning the hand) before another player notices, can a player get away with not saying “one-page.”


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