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Version: 1.1.1
Last release: 2008-11-23, 01:25 GMT
System: Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 733 KB
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: nineko, Puto, StephenUK

soniNeko is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) for the Sega Mega Drive by nineko. It is notable because of its extended playlist, which not only completely replaces all the songs from the original game, but also introduces several new songs, bringing the grand total to 71 (instead of 22 as in the original Sonic 1); most of those songs are conversions from MIDI and MOD files (as a demonstration of xm2smps/xm3smps capabilities), and a small amount of them are conversions from games that use the Cube/Iwadare sound engine. None of those songs have been converted from other games that use the SMPS sound system, something soniNeko is still unique for.


Note: external utilities used to achieve these results are listed in brackets whenever applicable; same goes for other people's important help. Anything without a note has been achieved with basic Hex or ASM techniques.

  • Completely new soundtrack (xm2smps/xm3smps)
  • Different songs per each act
  • Different songs per each special stage
  • Different songs per each boss
  • Different song for the good ending
  • A new song for Speed Shoes (they no longer speed up the music)
  • A new song for when you have Speed Shoes and Invincibility at the same time
  • A new song for the Level Select screen
  • A new jingle is played when you collect the 6th Chaos Emerald
  • Fixed the Spike Bug (Puto)
  • Added the Spin Dash (Puto)
  • Ported some sound effects from Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Puto)
  • Added Hand Clap and Cymbal to Sonic 1's DAC samples (Puto)
  • Raised Sonic's max speed and acceleration
  • Slightly raised Sonic's jump height when you have Speed Shoes
  • Added new monitors subtypes (see below)
  • Changed all the palettes (SonED)
  • Added a new level (SonED)
  • Changed Zone names (Esrael Sonic Editor)
  • Restored the correct order on the Level Select screen (Esrael Sonic Editor)
  • Added a special stage selector on the Level Select screen
Note: Emeralds collected in this way won't be retained
  • Edited the Sound Test so it only shows valid song IDs
  • Removed the sound effects from the ending demos
  • Fixed the bugs related to the invincibility music
  • Restored the "Press Start Button" text on the title screen (Esrael Sonic Editor)
  • Changed the ending sign to the Nick Arcade one
  • Leaping animation when you collect a chaos emerald
  • Fading animation when you hit a GOAL in the special stages
  • New art for the UP and DOWN blocks in the special stages
  • Cats in Dire Docks Zone (Kamineko from Azumanga Daioh)
  • Options screen, accessed by pressing B+start at the title screen
  • Credits screen, accessed by pressing C+start at the title screen
  • Three palette choices. One of them has been kindly done by StephenUK
  • Added a secret bonus stage
  • Added voice clips
  • Added a secret sound menu with 13 hidden songs

Of course, since the bonus stage and sound menu are secret, you won't be told how to reach them. However, the way to get to the bonus stage is shown on the walkthrough and the way to access the secret sound menu is hinted in the video. In the part in the walkthrough which the way to the sound menu is hinted, the credits menu is accessed by pressing C + start. Then, the secret sound menu was shown, with text telling you to press start using the second controller to quit. This is all the video gave as a hint.


Note: this list only includes monitors that have been added or edited in soniNeko. All the regular monitors from Sonic 1 aren't changed and won't be listed here

SoniNeko items.png

Left to right:

  1. Eggman Monitor - Harms you
  2. "S" Monitor - Gives you Invincibility and Speed Shoes, for 20 seconds
  3. Emerald Monitor - Displays the Big Ring with less than 50 rings
  4. Feather Monitor - Allows you to do one ultra jump
  5. Time Monitor - Gives you one additional minute to beat the level
  6. Note Monitor - Changes the background music to another song


Note: this section describes the default palettes. They can be changed in the options screen


ID Title/Description Usage
$81 Balloon Kid - Main Theme Dire Docks Zone, Act 2
$82 Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Dire Docks Zone, Act 1
$83 Psycho Pinball - Fun Fair Inferno Zone, Act 1
$84 DDR - Hero Party Land Zone, Act 2
$85 Banjo Tooie - Fun 'n' Games Party Land Zone, Act 1
$86 DDR - Dam Dariram The Factory Zone, Act 1
$87 Bubble Bobble - Main Theme Invincibility
$88 Jingle from Street Fighters II 1-UP
$89 Puzzle De Pon! - Stage 2 First Special Stage
$8A The Flintstones Title Screen
$8B Outrun - Magical Sound Shower Ending GHZ Scene (1÷5 emeralds)
$8C Pinball Fantasies - Party Land Inferno Zone, Boss
$8D DDR - Burning Heat Death Match Zone
$8E Pippi Långstrump Results Screen
$8F F-Zero - Results Game Over
$90 Street Fighters II - Guile Continue Screen
$91 Heaven Revived Credits (1-5 emeralds)
$92 Bubble Bobble - 1UP Drowning
$93 Psycho Pinball - Cup Game Emerald
$94 DDR - Moonlight Shadows Shining Zone, Act 3
$95 Wario Blast - Stage 7 Party Land Zone, Act 3
$96 DDR - Señorita The Factory Zone, Act 3
$97 F-Zero - White Land Ice Hill Zone, Act 3
$98 Outzone - Main Theme Inferno Zone, Act 3
$99 DDR - Bye Bye Baby Balloon The Factory Zone, Act 2
$9A DDR - Captain Jack Shining Zone, Act 2
$9B Madou Monogatari - Labyrinth Dire Docks Zone, Act 3
$9C Sonic & Knuckles Collection - IceCap Zone Act 2 Ice Hill Zone, Act 2
$9D Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road Shining Zone, Act 1
$9E F-Zero MV - Bianca City Inferno Zone, Act 2
$9F Bomb Jack - Main Theme Ice Hill Zone, Act 1
$E5 Mean Bean Machine - Stages 5-8 Intro (*) Options Screen
$E6 Super Mario Land 2 - Main Theme Party Land Zone, Note Monitor
$E7 Jewel Master - Chaos Dragon (*) Death Match Zone, Alternate Song
$E8 Snow Bros - Boss Theme 1 (*) Shining Zone, Boss
$E9 Granada - Nature Trail (*) Ending GHZ Scene (6 emeralds)
$EA Granada - Take a Chance (*) Dire Docks Zone, Boss
$EB Dino Land - Showerboard Boss (*) Party Land Zone, Boss
$EC Dino Land - Dinoland Boss (*) Ice Hill Zone, Boss
$ED Jewel Master - I Got It! (*) Special Stage Results with 6 Emeralds
$EE Jewel Master - Fish Out Of Water (*) Dire Docks Zone, Note Monitor
$EF Super Mario 64 - File Select Hidden Credits screen
$F0 Super Mario 64 - Slider Secret Bonus Stage
$F2 Jewel Master - Spier Tiger (*) Speed Shoes + Invincibility
$F3 Mean Bean Machine - Staff Roll (*) Credits (6 emeralds)
$F4 Super Mario Bros 2 - Character Select Level Select
$F5 Mario Kart 64 - Yoshi Valley , Moo Moo Farm Fifth Special Stage
$F6 Snow Bros - Stage 7 (*) Ice Hill Zone, Note Monitor
$F7 Sonic Chaos - Gigalopolis Fourth Special Stage
$F8 Castlevania - Vampire Killer Inferno Zone, Note Monitor
$F9 Mario Kart 64 - Battle Arenas(Big Donut , Double Deck) , Choco Mountain Second Special Stage
$FA Bomberman 64 - Green Garden Sixth Special Stage
$FB Happy Folk Speed Shoes
$FC Roxette - Sleeping in my car Good Morning Zone, Note Monitor
$FD Snow Bros - Stage 5 (*) Good Morning Zone
$FE Sonic CD - Metallic Madness Past The Factory Zone, Note Monitor
$FF Mean Bean Machine - Exercise Mode (*) Third Special Stage
N/A Sailor Moon: Another Story - Victory Hidden Song
N/A Sonic Triple Trouble - Sunset Park Zone Act 3 Hidden Song
N/A Super Mario Bros - Overworld Hidden Song
N/A Virtual On - High Ground Hidden Song
N/A Commercial Rhythm Hidden Song
N/A Super Soccer - Options Hidden Song
N/A Sonic & Knuckles Collection - Launch Base Zone Act 1 Hidden Song
N/A Gokujyou Parodius - Anna Pavlova Hidden Song
N/A Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit) - Bridge Zone Hidden Song
N/A Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System) - Boss Hidden Song
N/A Sonic Adventure - Twinkle Circuit Hidden Song
N/A Virtual On - Ruins Hidden Song
N/A Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System) - Crystal Egg Zone Hidden Song

Note: (*) denotes a conversion from a Cube/Iwadare game


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