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Westopolis is a city level in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is also the first stage in the game.


Westopolis is a big city in the United Federation, that is among others such as Emerald Town, Central City and Station Square. Shadow is standing next to a tree in Westopolis relaxing and thinking about his past, and from the sky fall the Black Arms. Shortly after arriving in the city, which Shadow had gone into because there should, logically, be a Chaos Emerald somewhere with said location (as the Black Arms are attacking it), Shadow runs into the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog, who wants Shadow to help him 'show the black creatures that we mean business'. Not long after grabbing the first Chaos Emerald, Doom's Eye approaches Shadow (commenting that he is 'late'), and sets him with the task of destroying the soldiers.


Westopolis is partailly in ruin by the time Shadow arrives. Lasers from Black Arms gunships strike down upon the city frequently throughout the level.


  • Hero: Help Sonic the Hedgehog kill 45 Black Arms.
  • Neutral: Collect 2/7 Chaos Emeralds.
  • Evil: Follow the orders of Black Doom by killing the GUN soldiers and destroying their machinery.

Other Areas

Another area of Westopolis is Lethal Highway, and it is apparently where the Black Arms struck first because there is Red Slime everywhere. It is your choice to destroy their Black Tank or flee for good.