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First seen: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)

The Voxai are an alien species seen in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Like the Nocturnus echidnas, the Voxai are trapped within the Twilight Cage; all that's known about the length of their imprisonment is that they arrived after the Kron and before the Nocturnus.


The Voxai resemble, in Rouge's words, "manta... jellyfish... thing[s]." Two sets of flipper-like wings extend from a translucent central body mass, with a tapering triangular tail bringing up the rear. Although they lack faces, individual Voxai can be distinguished by the patterning on their front sections. Regular Voxai citizens generally display lavender colouration, from light pink to crimson to deep purple, although the Overmind Voxai display more varied colours (and are considerably larger).

The Voxai are a race of strange, psychic beings native to the Kron Colony[1]. As a race, they are quiet and hardworking, but their psychic powers make even the Nocturnus Clan fear to tread on their land.

The Voxai are all connected, in a way, by a psychic signal that originates from the Voxai Overmind, three very powerful Voxai who act as one in directing the daily operations of individual Voxai. Most of the time, the Overmind simply suggests to the citizens what they should be doing, offering gentle encouragement to the individual. Should the Overmind flex their power, though, not even the Nocturnus are immune to their mind-controlling abilities. Because of this, crime on the Voxai Colony is nonexistant, and will be as long as the Overmind remains in control.

— Codex entry for the Voxai

( [1] - This mysterious point about the Voxai originating from the same world as the Kron is probably a mistake in the Codex, as it is never mentioned anywhere else, and seems fairly ridiculous when you consider their vastly different societies, appearances, environments, etc. The point about their psychic powers, on the other hand, is backed up by Shade, who makes frequent assertions to the effect that even powerful, strong-willed Nocturnus have fallen under the control of the Overmind while on missions to Voxai territory, never to be seen again.)

The Voxai seem to be a reasonably insular race, lacking the militaristic ambitions of the Nocturnus or the Zoah. They refer to visitors (and dissidents) as outerminds, distinguishing them from the innerminds who are connected to the Overmind's psychic signal.

The Voxai are also the only race in the Cage to occupy two planetoids; both in Sector Charybdis. Sonic first visits Voxai Colony Beta, a rocky worldlet of gray stone and glowing pink/blue scenery, filled with flask-shaped Voxai homes. This is linked to the Voxai Colony Alpha by a teleport gate. Alpha serves as the lair of the Overmind.


During Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Chapter 9, the Overmind uses the power of two Chaos Emeralds (which they call "Great Emeralds") to achieve direct thought-control of Voxai society, as opposed to the "gentle encouragement" it provided before. Sonic and friends are tasked by the dissident Thebes to help free the dominated citizenry.

Named Voxai include:

  • The Overmind - Leucosia, Ligaia, and Riadne, the triumvirate controllers of Voxai society
  • Thebes - An outermind who aids Sonic and later takes up the Overmind's mantle
  • Thelxe - One of the elite enforcers of the despotic Overmind
  • Croesus - A resident of Voxai Colony Beta, driven mad by Nocturnus signal jamming


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