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Void Battle
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Void Battle
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Stage Clear

Void Battle is a Stage Clear mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is played after all of the Precioustones have been collected in Fourth Dimension Space.


This is the longest mini-game. Void has transformed into a huge, mindless creature that is out to take everyone's Rings, and everyone must work together to defeat him.

Everyone is on a platform with a smaller raised platform in the center. There are 12 switches surrounding the raised platform, and two of them will light up at one time. When a player steps on a lit switch, a panel will fall on Void's head, making him eject Rings to the player who stepped on the switch. When this happens, other players can steal the Rings by jumping up to grab them. Sometimes they don't even land on the switch. Other Rings get sprinkled around the area as well as falling tiles that can hurt the players. Void goes around attacking people to make them drop their Rings, and his attacks include smashing the ground to create shockwaves, zapping one player, stomping on people, firing revolving lasers all around the arena and so on.

Each time a lit switch is pressed, a light on the raised platform will turn on. When the lit switches are hit 16 times, the big switch in the center will activate, and all players will automatically step on it to make a large rock fall on Void one more time, defeating him and ending the mini-game.


Everybody work together to defeat Void! Attack Void by stepping on the light switch!

Lumina Flowlight at the start of the mini-game


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