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SeanieB is a "Sonic Scener", who is relatively new to active discussion in the community, who has gone back and forth finally resting here at Sonic Retro. His history in the Sonic Scene is virtually nonexistent up to the last year, but who has slowly gained a reputation, good or bad is up for debate, generally. He currently has very few posts on Retro's forum, but is more present on Skype with other Retro members, most notably Tarheeltim, Tweaker and many others, and is more present in Retro's IRC channel.

--General History--

Getting his first retro game consoles, rather late in the cycle in around 1998, he received a Genesis and the some old Sonic games, slowly expanding his collection to include a Dreamcast, a Sega CD and for a very short time a Sega Saturn. Becoming more and more interested after acquiring a PC (containing Sonic CD PC as a pack-in) months after the introduction of the Genesis, he began to read some Sonic related boards online, but it is unknown which ones. A couple of years later he found SWS2B and began to have interest in the internal workings of the Sonic games. Learning more and more about computers, around SA2, he dropped off to pursue more interests in computers, but due to random boredom slightly before his return to the "scene" as a whole, he created a few small unreleased hacks that for simple experimentation. He has not as of yet participated in any community/community released hacking projects, yet.

--Scene Introduction--

In early 2008, SeanieB actually registered for the first time to any Sonic community for contributory reasons. His first registration was in fact on Sonic Retro, but he only posted twice before being flamed at and scared away. Thus, he found the SSRG forum...

--The SSRG Era--

After leaving Retro, he located the SSRG community forum. The community was in disrepair and was in a definite slump. Due to the summer and the free time of a subsequent vacation, he quickly used his 20 validation posts and with a small amount of general agitation among a few users and with a small delay he was finally validated on a second account on SSRG, with his original account being forgotten by the administrative staff.

Soon, he began to gain recognition on the forum and had frequent discussion with administrator, Qjimbo, who was also trying to restore the near dead SSRG, and they frequently discussed improvement ideas for the site, most are in use today on the site.

Meanwhile on the site, the new members were causing a lot of friction, SeanieB was banned once, unbanned and the drama mounted to the breaking point, Tweaker's infamous social experimentation forum meltdown was to follow. With Qjimbo being away on vacation, the forum descended into chaos, SeanieB was unfortunately in the middle of a massive discussion between Tweaker and several others, causing a large amount of heated argument, resulting in Tweaker's eventual ban, He benignly posted a topic asking for a little break from the drama, and was subsequently banned. Qjimbo restored him to member a couple of times, but due to fellow staff resistance he was moved to SSRG's rejects group, where he remains to this day with no will to return to active discussion as such.


A couple of months after the fallout, he was approached by Tweaker and was bumped from his long standing trial membership to normal member status. Thus he became slightly more involved with Retro, less on the forum but more on other channels like Skype conferences and the Retro IRC channel.


Today SeanieB maintains a great interest in Sonic, among other things, He is currently self employed as a contractor for technical work mostly involving information technology, and hangs out online during his spare time, and is hoping for substantial enough time to pursue ROM hacking.

--Community Status--

Member at Sonic Retro Reject at Sonic Stuff Research Group Member (rarely used) of RetroHack Member at RandomSonicNet

--Aliases-- SeanieB (primarily) seanieb64 tuxthepenguin64 TheGodDamnSeanieB