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<forumuser name="redhotsonic" /> redhotsonic (also known by the abbreviation RHS) is a member of various sites within the Sonic scene/community.

About redhotsonic

redhotsonic is named after a fan-character whom he created simply by taking Sonic the Hedgehog and changing his colour from blue to red. redhotsonic first joined SSRG in late 2003/early 2004, and redhotsonic is currently a Staff member there. He is also used to be an administrator at RetroHack until it closed down, and a Tech Member at Sonic Retro.

Many people in areas of the Sonic community such as SSRG and Sonic Retro have little patience for members who publicise and/or are named after their own fan-characters, as this can be a mark of immaturity and/or an insufficiently serious approach to engaging with a community on a meaningful level. However, RHS, despite being named after a simple re-colour of Sonic, shows that fan-characters and their identities aren't always fatal and that it's perfectly possible for such members to be talented and make useful contributions. On August 7th, 2012, he was given Tech Member status, thus further proving this point.

redhotsonic gets on with a lot of people in the community. He once went to visit StephenUK for four days and got on really well. RHS is up to meeting anyone as long as he doesn't have to leave the country!


ROM hacks

redhotsonic has worked on three ROM hacks. These are:

RedHotSonic2 was redhotsonic's first hack. It was a ROM editing hack, and therefore, no ASM or assembly was used. This hack was abandoned when ASM became widely available and started on a new hack; Sonic 2 Recreation. This is redhotsonic's main project. As a side project, redhotsonic also made another hack called 'Sonic 2 Time Attack' to celebrate 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


In addition to creating hacks of his own, RHS has created various useful guides to hacking and ASM for others to use. His guides can be found over at SSRG and, more recently, here on Sonic Retro.

The very first one was 'The Lost Levels Guide'. That was shortly followed by the 'Palette Rotation Guide'. Soon, RHS learned ASM and knew that many people can struggle to learn, so he released an 'ASM guide'. Learning ASM and continuing to practice it has led to RHS becoming proficient in finding and fixing bugs or devising new features.

redhotsonic has made various guides about adding features to and/or fixing bugs in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and other classic Sonic games on the Mega Drive / Genesis, including a collaboration with Esrael and others to add various fixes to Xenowhirl's 2007 disassembly of Sonic 2.

Here is a list of guides here by redhotsonic. For the main guide, click the link, or if you want to see the guide in the forums with people's comments, click the blue link next to the relevant guide:

Early beginner guides

  • Palette rotation guide [1]
  • Lost Levels guide [2]

Beginner guides

Advanced guides

Expert guides

A topic where people come to fix a lot of bugs in Sonic 2 can be found here where redhotsonic has also contributed [26]