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<forumuser name="Qjimbo" /> Qjimbo is a popular, controversial, and all-around integral member of the Sonic scene. A longtime member of the scene as a whole, Qjimbo is one of the most active members of Sonic Retro, and has been since it was run by Simon Wai in 2003. Being a prominent face in the scene for so long, he was involved in many conflicts, as well as positive steps forward in the scene; regardless, he is generally considered one of the most respected members of Sonic Retro, and gets along with many other sceners without too much trouble.

Qjimbo is rather upbeat, often cracking jokes all in the name of a good laugh. He can usually be found in the Sonic Retro IRC channel, as well as various Skype conferences hosted by other members of the community. He has very strong ideals, and isn't one to back down from his beliefs too easily.

Outside of the scene, Qjimbo is a jolly, rather upbeat British man who aspires to move to Canada. In addition, he is a skilled web developer, sometimes referred to as a "PHP Ninja." He enjoys composing music, and has a website where his latest music works are hosted.


Qjimbo discovered the Sonic scene in 1999, after coming across MIDI files of music from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. These midi files prompted him to type in "Sonic fan site" in Google, and the top result at the time was the Sonic Stuff Research Group.

He became intrigued by secrets sites such as Area 51 and the Pelord-ran SWS2B, however he rarely, if ever, posted on message boards. It was in late 2000 that he started his own site, at the time known Hill Top Zone. He was a frequent reader of Area 51's forum though, and distinctly remembers when ICEknight posted a Hill Top Zone savestate with Ice Cap Zone's palette applied.

Qjimbo's First Post

His first post was on the Sonic 2 Beta Anyboard, on the 27th February 2001, qualifying him for Oldbie status on the Retro forums.

After the fall of SSRG in early 2003, Qjimbo set about integrating the old content from Area 51 into his own Sonic Research Zone, so that the information wouldn't be lost, and by 2004, the site had reached the design that it still has today.

However, Qjimbo became better known simply for his posts on SWS2B, S2B and Sonic Retro. Over the course of the years, he released a few utilities, such as a S2B to S2F music porter, then one of his most famous, the Sonic 2 MP3 Tool, which allowed people to create custom soundtracks for Sonic 2 while using a particular version of Gens or Gens+ (since it worked using RAM hacking like a Trainer).

Qjimbo's next publicity exposure would be in March 2006, when he posted his Michael Jackson's Sonic 3 video on YouTube (link), a documentary that analyzed similar music tracks that Michael Jackson released, and tracks in Sonic 3, after hxc revealed that Michael Jackson was originally commissioned to do the work. This documentary spread far and wide, appearing on many video game news sites, and even got its own YTMND page.

However in early 2007, things began to change for Qjimbo. Simon Wai had left the SWS2B forums, leaving it to LocalH and Hivebrain, but LocalH made the choice of appointing Tweaker as an administrator of the board, which Qjimbo didn't agree with due to Tweaker's actions as a staff member on other boards. Tweaker's administrative style was a lot more direct than Simon's, and to Qjimbo the board's direction seemed to be changing too dramatically.

Shortly after this, Tweaker banned "Kamikaze" for posting a Steve Irwin animated gif. Qjimbo strongly opposed this as he believed it to be largely unwarranted. Simply for stating this opinion, Qjimbo was suddenly banned from the board[1] under the pretense of "causing drama".

Despite all the drama though which ensued because of this, he now believes Tweaker hasn't been a bad administrator in terms of what he set out to achieve, and has said that he believes Retro is a great forum for serious discussion and development.[2][3]


Q Trivia

  • When Qjimbo first joined SWS2B his alias was in fact "QuantumJimbo". Due to the cheeziness he re-registered after the first cleanout as QJimbo. Later, after discovering that the letters Qj linked together in some fonts, he requested to have his name changed to have a lowercase j.
  • Due to the fact Qjimbo is from Britain, SGR invented the "Qjimbo has *spilled* the tea!" meme based around the British tea drinking stereotype.
  • Tweaker and Qjimbo secretly hate each other, but do it in this kinda jokey fun way and actually secretly secretly love each other.
  • Scarred Sun has the alternative alias of QJanebo, seemingly inspired from Qjimbo's name. Qjimbo still isn't quite sure how to react to that...
  • Qjimbo and Fiz once dated for a brief period over the internets (as you do).
  • This user is known for Chooooooooord Progressiooonssssss


So many people... voice, Shade, SGR and Quickman are probably the best friends I've made through the Sonic community. But also hi to Mad Echidna, Nayr, drx, Cinossu, Wetflame, Syren and LOst. Sorry if I missed anyone!

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