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PsychoSk8r first discovered Sonic CulT back in December 2002, while looking for Sonic ROMs shortly after rediscovering his love for Sonic the Hedgehog. Shortly after discovering the site, he found a link to the forums, and registered on January 3rd, 2003.

He was amazed with the information found in there, and continued to visit a few times a day. He started off just as you'd expect an idiot to start. He then read the rules, abode by them, and slowly learned the ways of the Sonic Community.

Unfortunately, 18 months after joining, his internet connection was cut, meaning he had no way of accessing his addictive hobby.


PsychoSk8r continued to access Sonic CulT once every 1-2 months, through public internet connections. Late in 2005, he was thrown out of his home due to his "gothic" look, as it was too "rebellious" towards his mother's religious beliefs. He jumped from house to house every night, thanks to the help of some close friends. He never spent a single night on the streets. Towards August/September 2007, he moved into his current home with his father; and, soon enough, regained stable access to the internet.

The very first thing he did was visit Sonic CulT's forums. By this time, Sonic CulT had already been sold, as PACHUKA had announced in late 2004. Under the new management of Sazpaimon, he believed the website to be just as much community-centered as it was before he had lost internet access. PsychoSk8r felt at home.

The Sonic Hacking scene

PsychoSk8r had discovered many insignificant Sonic hacks and websites before the "reconnection"; however, none of them gave him the information he needed. After a very brief period of searching, he found the Sonic Game Modification Community. This site helped him learn everything he needed to know to get a hack off the ground. After a month or so of hacking, he decided to start his own hacking community, RetroHack; not as competition for the SSRG, but as a friendly affiliate.


PsychoSk8r remains an active member of many different Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hacking communities, such as SSRG, Sonic Retro, and Sonic CulT. He is currently working on a hack known as the 30 Day Project.

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