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<forumuser name="Orengefox" /> Orengefox is a long time member of the Sonic scene, having held staff positions at several boards, and a very popular oldbie.

Orenge spent a good deal of his community time at the message boards Sonic Classic (later Press Start) and Sonic Spin.

At Sonic Classic, near the end of its run, Orenge would be voted onto staff, going as high as an admin and being the go-to guy for any tech issues, such as skins or the arcade that implemented in later versions of the board.

He and Jen would eventually become the co-owners of Sonic Spin after its original owner more or less dropped everything. The two of them worked to get its userbase back up and give the website a whole new look.

Orengefox is engaged with fellow scener Jen, despite the long distance between the two of them. Orenge has more or less become scarce since Sonic Classic went under, though he still pops up from time to time.