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NiktheGreek is a British video game journalist and a long-time member of the Sonic scene, who made a quiet debut in September 2001. With bagloads of enthusiasm and considerably less skill, he joined the staff of the original SSRG in 2002 and spent a few years doing that sort of thing. He was also a regular at Sonic CulT and later Sonic Retro, where he mainly spewed venom. While Nik now spends far less time on forums (and not without reason), he's known to consistently attend UK scene meets, having started with the first CulT:UK meet in 2003 and moved on to Retro's own Barcade runs. Nik interviewed various people for this site at Summer of Sonic between 2011 and 2013, including Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue.

Outside of Sonic, NiktheGreek's interests include politics, metal and electronic music, comedy and card games. In years past Nik ran a Dreamcast fansite, which gained a mild amount of interest as it actively followed Japanese developments from 2003 onwards. From early 2008 he wrote for Arcade Heroes, venturing out to follow rumours of new location tests or cover trade shows. In 2013 he joined Retro Gamer magazine as a staff writer.

Community Status

Sites in the Sonic scene that NiktheGreek has been a member of, past or present:

Current Infestations

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  • At the first 2010 UK Retro meet-up, he broke an arcade punching game by punching it.
  • Regularly beats the Under Ground Zone boss, on the Game Gear. For fun.
  • Has never been called "young lady" by any politician, current or former.
  • Not to be confused with Nik Jam.